(Mini) Photoshoot Friday: Dad, where are you?

Angela Wang and her mother Li Xiang‘s photoshoot for Bazaar is one of the cutest and sweetest I’ve seen – and if she’s is going to be dethroned by a new princess in Daddy? Season 2, she won’t be going down without a fight.  She’s definitely the star of this round-up.In the second photoshoot, she goes for a more casual look – sensible, since she’s painting, and working with the rather hyper Zhang Tiantian to boot.

No sign of Kimi or Shitou, but it turns out that Cindy is an artist too – there’s a little snippet of her studiously working too. 

02. Tiantian and Angela

Hm…looking good!

4 thoughts on “(Mini) Photoshoot Friday: Dad, where are you?

  1. I think this first sessions kids will be memorable. I love to see a program on the in 10 years time when they are teens with their older dads. This time, they can do more for their dads.

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