Nirvana in Fire releases epic trailer, finishes filming

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Hu Ge and his friends when a BG plot is forced between them

While we not so patiently wait on the release of period dramas long overdue *glares*, Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 has decided to press full steam ahead and release a movie-qualitied trailer upon finishing filming today, and I can say with pride that I’ve seen it at least 20 times.

Mary Chang"Sue" makes up with his best friends.

Hu Ge and his friends when they’re the only ones left filming.

Produced by Shandong Film & TV Group and directed by Kong Sheng, the series is once more a perfect combination of high production values, an enticing plot, and a perfect cast with Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Wu Lei, Chen Long, Liu Tao, etc. For those of us with growing Central Drama voice fetishes, the trailer includes all original voices by the actors. Wang Kai has always dubbed for himself, so even if they dub it in the future, we’ll probably get to hear his gorgeous voice again!

Character posters below the cut thanks to 0kuo0.

A word of warning: despite what the trailer may imply, romance fills a max of five pages out of over a thousand of the book, and Hu Ge’s role never has any romantic feelings. Pretty much all of Liu Tao’s roles’ scenes are included in the trailer (minus the two pages of her actual romantic plot in the book).

Having experience the car accident that changed his looks and mindset, Hu Ge is the perfect person to play the lead Mei Changsu, who was “reborn” after a fire devoured his troops.

16 thoughts on “Nirvana in Fire releases epic trailer, finishes filming

  1. This looks beaaautiful.
    I hope the actual drama’s video quality/camera work will be as lovely as it was in the trailer…and the costumes are very easy on the eyes <3 I'm getting very excited for this~

  2. I’m pretty sure the tv series will emphasise more the romantic relationship between the princess and LinShu than the actual book.
    I like how the setting seems a fusion of Qin, Han, Tang era.
    I’m so excited for this!!!!!!

    • I feel like her role is still pretty small. At least in the trailer, there are no added scenes for her. Also, Liu Tao went to Europe to film Divas on the Go and one other drama where she’s actually the lead in the middle of this, and her character is off screen defending the borders for most of the show. I’m not sure if Zhang Hanzhe (who plays Lin Shu) and her filming time even overlapped, so they can’t add any Lin Shu-Princess lines. I doubt they’ll give Mei Changsu too much romance in keeping with his role.
      I suspect they’ll actually just cut her real romantic plot, which would make it seem like she like Mei Çhangsu.

    • That… kinda makes sense… because some of the things commonly attributed to the Tang dynasty actually emerged during the Northern and Southern dynasties according to recent archaeological discoveries… and some Han dynasty buildings did survive through this period…

      • Yeah, dynastic succession is never anywhere near as tidy as it seems from a distance. Additionally, successors the world over deliberately adopt aspects of previous rulers for validation purposes, so there be that. The Qin-W.Han succession, for example, is all kinds of interesting. The level of trash talk vs the level of straight up adoption by the W.Han is just awesome to see.

        Now, then, this looks trailer looks rather delicious. I look forward to this drama and its epicness!

    • It’s ambiguous. There wasn’t that much said about the two’s relationship except they were close since childhood. The princess fell for a general under Lin Shu, and I think some people interpreted Mei Changsu feeling a bit hurt, but I don’t see it as love. If anything, Zhou Qiqi’s role is the only one with a romantic plot with him since her character falls in love with him, but she never expressed it openly, and Changsu ignored her the one time she gave hints. Mei Changsu pretty much only has one thing on his mind, and it’s to help Prince Jing become the emperor.

  3. Wow there are tons of characters! And I’m surprised to hear there wasn’t much romance in the original novel since they highlighted it a lot in the beginning in the trailer. O_O

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