Ice Fantasy finally unfrozen, potentially stars Kris Wu

After making history with "Tiny Times", will Guo Jingming also spearhead the fantasy category in Chinese film?

After making history with “Tiny Times”, will Guo Jingming also spearhead the fantasy category in Chinese film?

If you follow Kpop, you’ll know that recently, another Chinese member of SM Entertainment – Kris Wu Yifan of Exo, has returned to China and filed suit for cancellation of his contract.  Most recently, an exchange between him and Guo Jingming on Weibo seems to indicate a collaboration between the two. More importantly, Tiny Times film series’ publicity company MaxTimes’ CEO confirmed that Kris had previously been tapped for Tiny Times 3 (but probably couldn’t be in it because of SM), and indicated that the collaboration will be for either Tiny Times 4.0 or Ice Fantasy.

Ice Fantasy is a fantasy-suspense novel featuring a pair of brothers, representing the Ice and Fire Kingdoms respectively, fighting in a world of illusions. The novel by Guo Jingming is a cross between ancient China with elements like the guzheng and reincarnation as well as Western fantasy, with elements such as mermaids and castles. The novel’s filming rights were previously brought by Huang Xiaoming circa 2010, but this seems to indicate that the rights have expired, and will be instead filmed by Guo Jingming with Huace.  I’m kind of beyond excited for this, since China haven’t had any good fantasy films despite a growing number of fantasy literature ready for film, and Guo Jingming seems to be the right person for the job.

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  1. cfensi had a forum page before? Why was it removed? It is troublesome to manage a forum, I guess it is better with your current format.

  2. I don’t think we can judge kris’ choice yet when we don’t even know his reasons. n even he chooses to star in the Chinese film now, it’s his right. He doesn’t owe anyone. Some might say he uses sm to become famous, but he does sacrifices his youth too. n for Exo, I am so disappointed in them. kpop industry? they r talented but also seem like puppets.

  3. i’m excited coz it’s Guo Jingming’s!!!! i like his style and his storyline even if it seems typical, it’s like spiced up and more interesting!
    i hope he’ll have nice casts again like Tiny Time

  4. I reposted your piece on Omona They Didn’t btw. It makes me happy that K-Pop fans are getting to know the Chinese entertainment industry more and more. It’s such an interesting environment to learn about because it’s growing so quickly, and with so many different players!

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    I AM TOTALLY EXCITED FOR THIS! no not because of Kris Wu, but because of the storyline itself! i’ve never really read any of Guo Jingming’s writing before because it’s all in Chinese and i don’t know a lick of it, but i’ve seen pictures and read a summary of them and am looking forward to it. i also like Chinese fantasy films/dramas too, so that’s a major plus. so can’t wait for this and i hope it’s true!! whooo!!

  6. i remember i wanted to read this book back when cfensi had it’s own forum site, but couldn’t because i didn’t know Chinese at all. lol anyways, if this is possible, i totally wanna watch it! do you know where i can watch Tiny Times though? possibly with english subs? anyways, well good luck with Kris though.. not sure what is going on behind the scene, but at least he can do whatever he wants now without the restrictions from SMent.

  7. Not a fan of EXO but what Kris is doing seems wrong in my eye. He’s saying that he’s unwell so he wants to terminate his contract with SM, but behind the scenes, he’s already considering taking on projects from China on his own. It’s his life and his own decision so what I say doesn’t matter but I just feel it’s ethically flawed in business perspective and his other bandmates’ perspective, I kinda feel sorry for the other members of EXO now. Meh for GJM, his tiny times is shallow without substance but his fantasy genre might be better.

    • Tiny Times is a chick flick , it’s not suppose to be deep. No one judges the quality of ice cream based on how healthy it is, and Tiny Times does a better job of fulfilling its purpose than most of the “serious” films that came out in the past year.
      I don’t know about Exo to judge him, but it seems like he’s getting off to a good start in his solo career.

      • I know it’s a chick flick but still, I was expecting something better when I saw the teasers. None of the characters seem to click with me. At first I thought because GJM is a writer and pretty new as a director so there’s something lacking in the movie so I went to check out his original novel and sad to say, I’m surprised to see his writing at such a level where I thought I’m reading a high school student writing.. Before, I didn’t know much about GJM except that he’s very famous for his writing and my friend is a big fan of him (though I suspect she’s more a fan of his fantasy books) so I was expecting his writing to be good to attain such a huge popularity but yeah, total disappointment.

        • I liked Tiny Times because it was pretty and not boring…which is actually saying a lot in China because most Chinese films makes me want to fastforward every other line.

          I haven’t read his stuff in a long time, but I used to really like his play on words.His writing style back then was pretty unique because I was able to tell that a piece of writing was written by him without knowing he wrote it. I found both Tiny Times and his latest fantasy novels were too dry in terms of writing style for me. I was only able to finish Tiny Times because I wanted to know more about the movie, but Tiny Times is also one of his most popular series.

          • Not sure about his style of writing in other novels other than Tiny Times but I feel too old for his writing style and the movie of Tiny Times. I don’t really have much requirement for writing skills but at the very least, he should write more clearly as I find the novel story sequence to be confusing and choppy. Almost every characters in Tiny Times are unlikable in my opinion, but I think Amber Kuo’s and hold住姐’s characters are the most entertaining to watch in the whole movie.

            I think I’m mostly annoyed by how overrated it is and I know some obsessed fangirls that call Tiny Times a masterpiece. Haha, don’t mind my negativity since taste is subjective, I’m just allergic to Tiny Times.

    • I don’t think what Kris is doing is wrong. You know this is what I call life. SM exploits chinese members to break into chinese market, at the same time chinese members, in this case Kris, but seems he now use his full name WuYiFan takes advantage of SM to gain fast popularity in China to achieve what he really want to do: acting.

      • Yup, SM is not that great too but I mostly feel bad for other EXO members, not SM since they’ve a lot of other money-making artists anyway. It’s a bit irresponsible for Kris to announce this is the midst where they’re “about” to open a concert, it may not be his dream to open a concert but how about his other members? If he could be more considerate, he should choose to leave after the concert or at least tell the members earlier about his decision, but then, it’s his choice and I’m not an EXO fan so I’m just saying my opinion as an outsider.

        • Yeah I agree with you on the fact that maybe Kris could choose a better time to leave. But again if he really has heart problems I don’t think is good for him to go on concerts with all the dances and everything.
          If he told his decision to other members probably he didn’t have the opportunity to leave. I never believed all the GREAT friendship korean ententainment always creates on their groups. I’m sure mostly of them are just collegues, not even friends so why he should trust them?
          That to be said I’m a fan of exoM and I respect your opinion anyway.

          • According to a lot of sources, he was going to sue a while back but then the Sewol Ferry Incident occurred and he had to hold off his lawsuit. Unfortunately, after the whole mourning period ended, the EXO world tour started right after which means that if Kris doesn’t want to partake in these activities he would have to sue right away regardless of those other members or SM will make him go on tour.

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