Huang Yali composes new song


Refreshing and melodic, Huang Yali’s songs always reminds me of childhood.

One of my favorite voices in cpop, Huang Yali, came out with her first song since signing with Seed. The song, Country garden fragrances 田园香, is composed by herself and a perfect return to her signature ballad style. MV below:

6 thoughts on “Huang Yali composes new song

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    first time listening to this singer and she’s not that bad. i like her voice and the song is really good. really melodic and makes me think of childhood at times and waht not. lol

    • It’s about returning to her childhood home and remembering it as she left. If you like this song, I also recommend her 蝴蝶泉边 and 火星爱月亮, which are similar in style.

      • ahh okok. funny how i didn’t know what she was saying, but i felt that feeling from it. nice, and thank you for the other two recommendations! will definitely check them out. :D

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