Photoshoot Background: White Backgrounds ahoy

There’s nothing wrong, maybe even everything right with a nice background – but this round up should show you that the absence of a background can be lovely too. Liu Shishi wears white against white (mourning for that role in Bu Bu Jing Xin 2?), while Lin Chi-ling goes for bright pops of color. Angelababy follows suit, but by the time Lin Chi-ling appears in her second photoshoot (this one for Marie Claire), she’s switched to Liu Shishi’s style. Faye Wang breaks a rules a little with a backdrop of furniture, but the walls are still white, so let it pass…

More pictures below the cut!

01. Liu Shishi

02. Lin Chi-ling

03. Momo Wu Mochou

04. Faye Wang

05. Angelababy

06. Lin Chiling

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