Fan Bingbing gets her own Barbie


Which Fan is your favorite? The wax figure, the real person, or the doll?

Fan Bingbing takes a break from the Empress of China to celebrate the launch of her own collector Barbie doll featuring her famous Empress dress.   According to the press release, in June, the Barbie “will be available in stores across China, as well as selected stores overseas.”   I feel like the Barbie looks nothing like her….

5 thoughts on “Fan Bingbing gets her own Barbie

  1. I am not a Fan BIngbing fan, but she has done very well for herself. Apart from the dress, the Barbie really does not look like her. I do love the dress she wore. It is beautiful. Wish I have the looks and figure to wear it too…..

  2. Omo omo, I love your comment! :) I didn’t realize it was a wax figure! And indeed, if for the dress I like the real one best, for the picture of the person I like the wax figure picture best hahaha

  3. The Barbie’s head is /way/ too big…! And the dress isn’t as pretty :(
    But Bingbing doesn’t age xD

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