Hua Qian’gu releases photos of Jiang Xin and co.

Who cares if you have the heads of human, fairy and underworld in love with you? Jiang Xin still pwns the world.

Who cares if you have the leaders of  the human, fairy, demon, and underworld in love with you?    Jiang Xin can still kill you with her looks alone.

Drama Hua Qian’gu 花千骨 continues to impress with their latest character profiles featuring co-stars Jiang Xin, Zhang Danfeng, Ma Ke, and Li Chun.  Jiang Xin’s role is more of a guest star as a fairy who is hopelessly in love with Wallace Huo, but the others are major characters.

Ma Ke

Ma Ke plays the Lord of the Underworld, one of the four heads of one of the six realms who falls in love with the main character.

As the only admirer of the main lead who does not run a realm, Zhang Danfeng’s character must only be content with running his own version of the NSA.

Not to be confused with former Morning Musume member, Li Chun plays the chief rival of the protagonist once again following her debut role in Zhang Yimou’s new film.

Ma Ke

Ma Ke does a much better job than Feng Shaofeng at pulling off the “myopic Mary Sue’s pretty jiejie” look.

10 thoughts on “Hua Qian’gu releases photos of Jiang Xin and co.

      • Jiang Xin looks /amazing/~

        It’d be so much more interesting if she and Wallace (or actually, any of the other male leads) were the OP :P Instead of the Mary-Sue fest.

        Ma Ke looks incredibly creepy. Like, Lin Pingzhi creepy. I think I’ll just ogle the stills for this one…

        • While I’m here waiting on Hua Xu Yin… With all the actors they’re pulling this better be pretty amazing. >:(

        • Unfortunately, her character is pretty pathetic …

          Despite the prettiness of Wallace Huo in white, the set-up of the series is actually quite creepy. The radishes Zhao Liying’s eating in her photos? Water with blood of the dead. The preferred method of gathering intelligence by Zhang Danfeng’s NSA? By cutting off tongues of people while they’re still alive. …

            • He makes the tongues talk somehow. In the book, tongues cut off dead people can only speak once, while those of live people can answer questions any time. He has an entire room filled with tongues.

              • Oh my goodness. I am sure I will be watching the drama but I hope I will enjoy it. Liying and Wallace, I can imagine that…

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