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  • Ever wondered why China went red? Because they loved chili peppers too much.   China’s hit documentary series A Bite of China 2: In Food We Trust 舌尖上的中国 has only one more episodes left, but it’s still going strong as it tops viewership and discussion charts. Now you can watch it with English subs!
  • Wine Beauty 美人攻心计 (Li Sheng, Myolie Wu, Roy Qiu, Mao Zijun) is now available in painful quality here. Clean script, acting and filming make this another high-quality idol series from Huanrui, but waiting for the series to go on satellite is highly recommended unless you’re dying to see it.
  • Jiayou! Lover 加油!爱人 (Chen Xiaodong, Tang Yixin, ) began airing. The series is an idol drama, but the prequel (Jiayou! Mom) with Mike He was terrible, so I have small hopes for this one. The cast seems better, though?
  • Memos of Life 生活启示录 (Yan Ni, Hu Ge) began airing. It’s pretty much an idol drama with a cougar female lead mixed with some family drama. It’s decent, but I’m not sure I buy this ship.
  • Women of the Daoke 刀客家族的女人(Tong Liya, Mao Xiaotong)  “Serious” Republican series about a crazy misogynistic family (based on eps 1 + 2).
  • Lee Minho, Bea Hayden (Guo Biting) stars in a miniseries for Line.  The lighting makes everyone’s face look like the lunar surface. Recommended if you like golden retrievers.
  • The days of freedom 腾空的日子 is yet another internet miniseries, this time from QQ. The series is a quirky take on the final years of three high school students. The series makes a lot of film references in its jokes, so it may be hard to get. It stars Li Jiahang and Hu Bingqing.
  • Olivia and William hang out together in the latest episode of Daddy’s Home 爸爸回来了. Both are as cute as ever, but I’m growing really uncomfortable with forced shipping of kids and miss the days when Daddy would cut the most shippy parts out.
  • 花样年华 takes five celebs – Yang Zi, Zeng Yike, Lisi Danni, Sharon Kwan, and Ge Huijie and have them experience the country life. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet.
  • Divas on the Road 花儿与少年 continues to be super controversial. The conclusion after the latest episode is I really want to see Liu Tao and Zhang Han act as the leads in a drama. They are surprisingly really cute together even though both already have other halves.

9 thoughts on “TV Round-up

  1. I have been waiting for Hu Ge new drama for month. Thank you for the roundup. I will hate to miss it. Incisive Great Teacher has started too but the quality is not good. I hope satellite version will be up soon. Thanks idarklight. BTW, have you got a twitter account?

    • There’s a Cfensi twitter you can follow here:
      I totally forgot about Incisive Great Teacher! Thanks for reminding me, I’ll put it up next week. Did you watch it? Does it get better? I only watched episode one but got annoyed by GuiGui and Nicky Wu’s illogical speeches of “justice”.

      • It does get better. Not a epic but it is relaxing and fun to watch. Wallace Huo as a guest star is a good touch.. He was acting as a noble, wealthy suitor who like Liu Shishi but his lines were so cheesy to the point of being funny. It was good to be reminded of his chemistry with Liu Shishi as we will be seeing it in their next drama together.
        Nicky’s act of jealously is cute to watch. I am glad Liu Shishi and Nicky are not a couple as yet in the drama. It is better watching them annoying each other.
        GuiGui is okay but I do not ship her and Ye Zu Xin. Ye Zu Xin is doing a good job as Da Tong. The drama is available in 360p only. I hope we will get HD soon…

        • I just read Dragon TV is planning to air it in June, so we may see it in HD soon.

          I was mostly annoyed by GuiGui + Nicky Wu’s speeches on equality. I don’t think just because she’s poor makes it okay for her to rob the baozi seller and then break Ye Zuxin’s thing, and then make pompous speeches about how life is unfair.

          • Gui Gui’s talk about rich/poor people thru out the drama can be super annoying. His character is slightly self centered. I am not fond of his character.
            Thanks for HD update.

  2. I really like 花儿与少年 but I tried to read the comments on youtube with Google translate and I felt everybody hate them. Is it just on youtube or is it like that even in China? (sorry for my bad english)

    • Both? I watched it on Bilibili and most people seem to just really hate Hua Chenyu. Xu Qing is half and half? People criticized Kaili and Zhang Han quite a bit in the first two episodes, but now most comments about them are positive. Peipei and Liu Tao are universally loved except by a few angry fans.

    • I think Zhang Han is not instantly likeable in the first 2 eps but his character shines as the days go by. His heart and sense of responsibility is in the right place . Being a leader means one has to be firm and tough when certain situation calls for it. He may not always be right but he is decisive and responsible. When anyone is in trouble, they all know they can depend on him.
      Hua Chenyu is a boy who like his freedom and he does not have the best social skills. I will not be surprise if he has very mild autism(which explains how he needs to shut himself away from everyone and he can be so engross in music to point of tears.) He is happiest sleeping with a cat than sleeping in the same room as Zhang Han. He can be contented in his own music world and shut everyone out. I may be wrong, it is just a observation as I do that at work all the time.
      I think this series in interesting. I personally think they have a decent amount to spend for their trip.
      I am looking forward to Spain trip.

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