Photoshoot Friday: May 23, 2014

Model Sui He has such incredible style and class in her photo shoot for Madame Figaro and sets up a hard act to follow…but Kitty Zhang Yu Qi pulls off the elegant dress and red lipstick look pretty well herself. So do Yang Rong and Han Xue, actually, in each of their own shoots, while Jane Zhang‘s image is a little more cutesy. Ni Ni‘s ability to look great in a photoshoot goes without saying, and in this round up she goes for a mostly black and white look. 

01. Sui He
02. Kitty Zhang Yuqi

03. Ni Ni

03. Han Xuehan xuehan xuehan xue

04. Yang Rong

05. Jane Zhang

1 thought on “Photoshoot Friday: May 23, 2014

  1. As always, so pretty. Thank you, it’s nice seeing beautiful pctures/people/costumes/dress/things/general stuff ^^

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