What’s filming

  • Zhang Han, GuiGui, Yang Yang (male), Fan Shiqi, M4M, Yi Yizi in an unnamed idol drama in Xiamen. Fan photos here.
  • Zhang Liang, Park Haejin, Fu Xinbo will star in the next Chen Baogang series Gang of Men 男人帮2.
  • Zhang Ze, Ren Zhong, Chen He, Huo Siyan, Zhou Fang, Zhang Li (俪) in Zhao Baogang’s currently-filming series Young Doctors 青年医生
  • Zhang Liang is currently filming film Six Times of Separation  六次别离 with Tiantian and Dong Jie.
  • Han Dong, Li Qin in modern suspense Sunflowers in the Snow 情满雪阳花/盛开在冬季的太阳花
  • Vicki Zhao Wei, Tong Dawei return to TV  in modern comedy Tiger Mom, Kitten Dad 虎妈猫爸

4 thoughts on “What’s filming

  1. Wasn’t the one with zhang Han, GUI GUI and alen the third installment of meteor rain?
    I’ll watch this just to see m4m’s alen! LoL

      • Don’t understand the point of having a sequel without the same main cast or when the story is not related to the previous dramas but they still make it so-called a spin-off sequel. Might as well start fresh and give it a new name. Gui Gui is finally taking the lead role in c-dramas, she usually take the secondary characters, I’ll be keeping this on my tab.

        • It’s a way to use the fame of the previous series. For example, BBJQ wouldn’t have been nearly as popular if it didn’t sell itself as a sequel to BBJX even though the two aren’t really that related.

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