Hua Qian’gu releases photos of Zhao Liying

Zhao Liying totally pulling off the 13-year-old  look for her character’s pre-puberty years.

The first set of stills/character posters for Zhao Liying, Wallace Huo‘s Hua Qian’gu  花千骨 was released. Based on the book Hua Qian’gu in Fairyland 仙侠奇缘之花千骨, the series tells of an unlucky orphan (Zhao Liying) who somehow ends up training under the most respected and, as it happens, handsome fairy* of the land (Wallace Huo). On the way there, she befriends the lord of the underworld, the emperor of the human world, and a few other powerful and pretty friends who become useful once she’s in charge of ruining the world saving her teacher and forbidden true love.

* The word 仙 is often translated as fairy but is more of a Taoist concept indicating humans who have reached immortality through practice)

zhao liying fly

zhao liying gray

Zhao liying fly

23 thoughts on “Hua Qian’gu releases photos of Zhao Liying

  1. I liked her in Luzhen but I tried watching 2 of her other dramas (Legend of Mermaid and Wife’s Secret) and they were terrible! She only knows to act cute and sad and lacks the depth of emotions I can find in Liu Shishi’s acting.

    • But not everyone can be so natural and lovable in cute roles. It’s kind of her niche market now. My favorite series with her is the Lovebirds series (错点鸳鸯/戏点鸳鸯), although I liked season 2(where the lead is Han Dong/Zhou Fang) a lot more.

    • i toally agree with you! i love her role in legend of luzhen. i tried watching her other dramas, but i am very disappointed in her acting.

  2. Since YuZheng has introduced his amazing skill with photoshop now, every company want to show their own skill…

  3. Sorry to go in that direction, but…the second picture makes a good enough xiao long nv.

    Have yet to read this novel, but the name of the maiden gives me shivers…hua qian gu…thousand bones….

    • Haha, that was my first thought (XLN), too.

      If it helps, the story itself is actually not that creepy except for the first few chapters. Although those radishes she’s eating in the first photo are actually fertilized by blood….

  4. I read the book HuaQianGu but really did not think it was very good. The plot sort of lost coherancy from the middle onwards and was just sort of focussed on being as tragic as possible….although it really wasn’t, just became creepily weird

    • I thought it was a really cute set-up turned out wrong. The second part was super incoherent and the character development was not there at all. I hated both of the main characters and spent most of the book wishing they had killed each other at the first climax.

  5. She is definitely the star of the year. Liying is such a popular drama actress now. The popularity of lots of women drama actress is shorter than men. Liying has to work very hard while she can. Till another new actress takes her place. I wonder she will join the ranks of Tang Yan, Vicky Zhou, Ruby, Liu Shishi

    • If you mean Vicki Zhao, I don’t think any of the other actresses are close to her. She’s the only one of them who can make it on the big screen, and her range of roles is much more diverse.

      As for the others, imo Zhao Liying has chosen much better roles than the other ones. Her roles are all perfect for her and very likable. The only issue for Zhao Liying is that all her good roles are essentially the same person and mostly consists of her being cute, which I don’t really mind but may become an issue if she wants to be seen as a “serious actress” and take crappy roles for the sake of being more mature (Gong the movie, Secret of a Wife).

      • Just noticed my typo on Vicki’s name. Silly me. I was looking forward to watch Secret of a wife but it was very disappointing. I skip most of it till the last 3 eps. China has a number of very well written stories but lots of badly written ones too. I just started watching 加油爱人. I hope it will not disappoint…. After the first two eps, I dont think I am hooked.

        • 加油爱人’s prequel was terrible, so I wouldn’t have too much hopes for the sequel… I actually liked 妇产男医生, though! It’s not great, but it’s much more interesting than any other drama currently airing.

    • Nah, dom’t think Tang Yan and Lui Shi Shi are in ghe same league as Vicki and Ruby (it really is ok, cosidering Vicki and Ruby started off much earlier…it takes time to hone one’s acting).

    • ruby;s acting is not that great and liu shishi is terrible. her acting is so boring lol i still dont get why shes so popular..
      i prefer zhao liying than liu shishi

      • Well if you feel that way then that’s your problem. Liu shi shi is known for acting in sad parts and she’s good at it. They were meant to act in movies for a reason. : l

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