Ni Ni for Bazaar Jewelry

Ni Ni + beautiful + cfensi

(And so, although this may be getting old for everything else, I must try to associate Cfensi with Ni NI + beautiful). This photoshoot by Ni Ni for Bazaar Jewelry just had to be given its own post /. If you’re hoping to see ore of the actress in action, Ni  Ni is purportedly filming for the series Back in Time 匆匆那年, based off a novel about the tribulations of the 80s generation (people who are in their late 20s – early 30s today). More lovely pictures under the cut!

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jjss08 joined Cfensi in 2011, and will stay with Cfensi until she finds a method of time-traveling other than drama-stalking. She has an unhealthy bias for ancient dramas and pretty people in pretty clothes.

5 thoughts on “Ni Ni for Bazaar Jewelry

  1. She’s so gorgeous and elegant, there’s this certain allure I love about her. I was really impressed by her in The Flowers of War even though it was supposed to be her debut film, she did extremely well. She reminds me of Shu Qi, both of them are so classy. Many actresses are pretty but not many have this special kind of charm/allure to them.

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