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  • Zheng Shuang, Hawick Lau began filming a Republican adaptation of novel Broken Silk 裂锦 by the author of Hawick Lau’s hit series Sealed with a Kiss.   The script will be written by Tonghua (author of Bu Bu Jing Xin).
  • Zhao Liying, Wallace Huo began filming for an adaptation of fantasy-wuxia romance novel Hua Qian’gu in Fairyland 仙侠奇缘之花千骨.   I feel like Zhao Liying really is on a row with choosing the perfect roles for herself.
  • Chen Xiao, Zhou Dongyu began filming modern romance series  Glass Slipper 玻璃鞋.


  • Ni Ni, Eddie Peng, Wei Chen begun filming Zhang Yibai’s adaptation of college series That year 匆匆那年
  • Crystal Liu Yifei, Rain Bi are filming modern film Roots of Dew 露水红颜
  • Zhang Yimou‘s next project will be a co-production historical epic on the building of the Great Wall
  • Meanwhile, watch the trailer for his latest film, Coming Home, starring Gong Li and Chen Daoming
  • Qin’s Moon 秦时明月 the movie trailer
  • Qi Wei, Jiro Wang’s My Communications Major Girlfriend 我的播音系女友 trailer
  • Yang Mi, Deng Chao‘s Breakup Guru releases a “Super Mi” trailer.


  • Victoria Song and a group of grandpas began filming a Dragon TV remake of Grandpas Over Flowers 花样爷爷

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  1. Its so hard to keep up with all the new C-Dramas currently airing from overseas, good work in helping to keep us updated! :)

  2. Sooo ZhengShuang and Hawick Liu are filming a story, which book is written by FeiWoSiChun and the script by TongHua…yeah great. I expect a lot of angst.

    “Hua QianGu in the fairyland” is ridiculous as translation…. one that have never read the book may think it’s the chinese version of “Alice in the wonderland”, just saying. By the way it seems they’ve turned the serie into a wuxia in order to got the green light from SARFT. I’m so disappointed

    Finally we have a date for Qin’s Moon the movie, but instead of it I would have preferred a season 5!

    • That’s what I was going for with the translation. I feel like that’s what the author had originally wanted, to make it sound more fairytale-like by using the words 奇缘 in the title. Plus, the original title is only one character different from the Chinese translation of “Alice in Wonderland”, which I don’t think was a coincidence. The setting of the story is also very fairytale-like in the beginning, and in fact, at one point earlier on in the story, the author promised a cute and happy ending.

      The worst thing about Hua Qian’gu is that instead of just being messed-up and problematic all the time as with stories by FeiWoSiChun, you go in to a really chirpy and cheerful story and then, boom, the author goes through puberty.

      • Actually I think the 奇缘 in the title means the fated love between the two main characters. The full name of the novel is 仙侠奇缘之花千骨. Also the first part of the title could represent the genre of the story. In fact it’s quite common for chinese internet light novels to have something like 仙侠。。。,后宫,。。。重生 ect…(HouGongZhenHuanZhuang is an example).
        I doubt the author wanted to write a chinese version of Alice. To me the story is just like every 仙侠 genre with just more romanticism in it thus why she added the world 奇缘. At least this is my personal interpretation.

        LoL I know, this is why many readers think this is one of the angstest story ever written, cause the story have a sudden change of tone that nobody would have expected. But I think it was purposely wanted by her, using unexpected elements to shock the readers. I don’t know if you know a japanese anime called Madoka Magica. It’s use the same strategy. It’s a magic girls genre, with a very childish design. The first three episodes were very cheerful and easy, then boom, at the end of episode three happened something that one would have never expected from this kind of show.

        • I don’t mean it to be a Chinese version of Alice, but I feel like the title and the first part of the story, at least for me, gave the story a very fantasy fairytale (in the Western sense) feel. 奇缘 in general is just a very fairytale-y term. Many fairytales (Alice, Oz, Cinderella, Frozen, etc.) use it. And since Alice is a dark fairytale anyways and also happens to have the main character’s name in the title, I chose this title over just a translation of Hua Qian’gu.
          Although, the published version of the book took off the words 仙侠奇缘, which may suggest that publishers also felt like it was poor description of the book (especially since there is actually no 侠 in it).

          Anyways, the author isn’t good enough for us to discuss her writing techniques. The last 3/4 of the book felt like they existed because she either couldn’t come up with a decent ending or wanted to squeeze out more money from readers.

    (especially in ancient costume ^^ ) Hope he’s not being too overworked! :)

  4. Wallace seems to have quite a lot of job lately. :D Hope he can get more, quite like his acting.

    Qin’s Moon?!! Really???!! This film was meant to be aired on 2012, but until now, they still haven’t air it. Let’s hope that 8/8/2014 is really their airing date.

    • Not yet. I assume he’s either double-filming or they’re currently just filming the parts without him right now. It’s pretty common for actors to film two (or five if you’re Yang Mi) things at the same time by alternating times.

      • Oh, wow! Thanks for the reply. Filming is one thing, waiting for the drama broadcast is another! Grr, SARFT!

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