Strange Hero Yizhimei 2 confirmed

Following the success(?) of its Chinese Paladin and Bu Bu Jing X series,  Shanghai Tangren has set their eyes on another sequel – Strange Hero Yizhimei 2 怪侠一枝梅.

The series was given the green light to begin filming this week.  No news yet of casting, but as Wallace Huo is currently filming a Tangren series now, I assume the decision was made knowing he and Liu Shishi will be back.

13 thoughts on “Strange Hero Yizhimei 2 confirmed

  1. Best news ever!!! More of the tight plot, exciting action scenes and off coz the funny and united Yi Zhi Mei!! I hope they don’t spoil it by changing cast, because every member of Yi Zhi Mei, be it Ge Xiao, San Niang, Mei Meo, Chai Hu, was perfectly casted. If it’s really not possible to get everyone back, they should at least bring Wallace and Shishi back! I was reading on baidu and there were initial reports of filming planned in May 2014. I hope those reports are outdated, because it is already mid-May and the cast is not announced, plus Wallace and Shishi are currently filming and won’t have time for the sequel. if the cast for the 2 characters are changed, i can foresee boycotts and also flaming of the poor new actor+actress.

  2. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I loved the first season, I’m so happy they’re making a sequel! I also hope that Ma Tian Yu will be in the sequel! How could it be complete without him?

  3. Yea! Have Ma Tian Yu in the cast list please! He is my favourite in the whole series. Very enjoy watching him in this series. :D

    Btw, what is the Tangren series that Wallace Huo currently filming?

  4. I enjoyed Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei and I think the episodic-case-based formula will transition well into a sequel. I hope Ma Tian Yu joins the cast because I find him adorable. I really like Liu Shi Shi in Strange hero as she’s different from her usual less-spunky characters

      • Yay! I loved the series. The story and cast were amazing. I personally think this was Liu Shi Shi’s best role instead of BBJX. The way they incorporated the comics was cool (hopefully they will continue with that for the sequel). And there needs to be more romance for Wallace & Liu Shi Shi this time! =)

        • I agree! Liu Shishi was much more interesting here compared to BBJX (not to mention the lighting and costumes in BBJX are not nearly as good as the ones here … ).

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