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Han Xue seeks revenge in a series of gorgeousness.

Whodunnit series Home of a Lady (Han Xue, Chen Xiang,  Ma Tianyu, Liu Ennuo)  is now available in low-quality here.  The cinematography  and editing are some of the best I’ve seen in a while for a TV series, and the plot is well-woven enough that skipping parts is highly unadvisable.  The cast is great, and Chen Xiang might be my favorite new actor of the year.

Bodyguards and Assassins‘s TV version is also available in super low quality.   Wallace Chung stars in Nicholas Tse’s role. Watch it here.

Male Maternity Doctor 产科男医生, starring real-life couple Li Xiaolu, Jia Nailing, begun airing this week.

Home of a Lady MV, song by Chen Xiang:


Daddy’s Home 爸爸回来了. This episode features Calvin Chen and Wu Zun cosplaying “Two dads”,  gymnast-actress Liu Xuan and husband cosplaying parents to Olivia, and Wang Zhonglei’s son William really wanting to hold his dads’ hands.


Host Yi Yi and singer Fu Xinbo were caught on a “date”  with Cindy and Tian Liang by themselves. Watch Yi Yi confess to Fu Xinbo on NanZuoNvYou 男左女右 here.  Fu Xinbo said on the show he came especially for Yi Yi.

15 thoughts on “TV Round-up

  1. I really wanna see Home of a Lady, I actually still remember its trailer, that’s how good it was! I think this is the kind of drama I’d want to see in HD though. :P

  2. Noooo too many dramas lately! I’m so behind. DDD: Glad to hear that Chen Xiang is a highlight in Home of a Lady.

    Sorta related question… does anyone know how the Chinese TV + Internet broadcast relationship works? Do only satellite TV station broadcasts get an official release on Youku, LeTV, Sohu, etc.? Or does it depend on which dramas get airing rights purchased by video websites?

    (I came across an article earlier about how Hunan TV is going to restrict the Internet streaming rights for some of its shows, but I don’t really know what the situation is like, so I don’t know how much of an impact that will make. Also, I am desperately looking for a site to watch Roy Qiu’s Wine Beauty, but it’s not airing on satellite TV, so I’m guessing that’s the reason it’s not available online…? idk.)

    • I looked for that series pretty much every day last week. :(

      Even if it is never sold to a satellite channel, unless it’s a web exclusive, you’ll never see legal streamings of a series prior to satellite airing. Except for major dramas or specially-ordered ones, most dramas air first on local channels and then satellite ones, and that can take anywhere from simulatneous airing to a few years to never. Even most of Yu Zheng’s dramas take a year or so to make the transitions. Many of these series require careful collaboration between multiple airing channels and the Internet so that no one channel/website is having it before the others. Most dramas available prior to satellite airing are recorded through internet streaming since the channel is not easily available, which is why they are such low-qualitied and many are not available.

      Hunan TV is different in that it buys out the rights to all their series, including local channel rights, rebroadcasting rights, and internet rights. They’re the only channel that does not co-broadcast series other than the recent We Got Married collab with CCTV. Following that line of thought, they’re planning to shift all of the Internet streaming of their shows to their own streaming site – imgo. They’ve already started with Divas on the Road and Journey to the Sing&War, and are planning to make Daddy! Where are we going? also exclusive.

      • Ah, thanks for the explanation! (Yet another reason to move to China…. xD) And ugggh so frustrated about Wine Beauty. There aren’t any good livestream/restream sites for local channels. :( I managed to find recordings of episodes 1 and 2, but the quality is not that good, and during episode 2, you can hear the uploader talking to other people haha. *sigh* Pleeeeease get a satellite TV release soon.

        I wonder how Hunan TV is going to handle their streaming site… the videos had better not be mainland-only. >_> Or if they are, I hope Hunan TV keeps its YouTube channel updated.

    • Eps 1 -5 are available on YouTube! Just search for the alternative name. I like it so far. Everyone’s really good looking, and the script is fun enough. The quality of the sound and video (but especially the sound) is terrible, though.

  3. Thanks for taking time to add on the TV updates. Apart from the very popular dramas, if you had not introduce the lass popular ones, I would not have known about them. Will look forward to catching up with the top 3 on the list.

      • Male Maternity Doctor is relaxing to watch. We had a few great but intense dramas recently, This is a easy to watch drama. Lower budget but I do like the main couple. The main actor look so different here from “Best Times”. He is a fairly good actor.

      • Hi idarklight, have you had a chance to watch 产科男医生. The drama is unexpectedly fun and adorable to watch. The couple has such good chemistry. They are so cute together. Unlike some dramas where the Chinese scripted is written for export market thus it is easier to understand. This drama is for the Chinese market thus the extensive use of Chengyu and 俚语 .

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