“Dad 2” confirms cast

Yang Wei's son Yang Yangyang

“Today, my name is Yang Yangyang, and my zodiac is the wolf.”                   –  Yang Wei’s son Yang Yangyang

2013’s hit show “Where are we going? Dad” has confirmed its cast for season 2 – Gary Cao and twins, Yang Wei and son Yang Yangyang, Francis Ng and son, Huang Lei and daughter, and Lu Yi and daughter. The eleven cast members begun filming this weekend. Photos of the kids below.

In addition, the cartoon version of Season 1 begun airing last week.

Huang Lei’s daughter Duoduo

Gary Cao’s son

Gary Cao daughter

Gary Cao’s daughter

Lu Yi’s daughter Bei’er

7 thoughts on ““Dad 2” confirms cast

  1. Yangx3 looks like the korean version Minyul, not trying to compare any of them as all the kids are so cute! I enjoyed the earlier part of chinese version season 1 until the whole thing popularity skyrocketed and it feels like they became a bit too commercialized for my own liking in the later part. Still, all the kids are cute!

  2. Isn’t the kids too young? I hope there are older kids, like Stone, TianTian and Cindy. They are fun to watch as they can be fairly independent.

  3. Ugh, so fortunate that you linked the cartoon series after finals…
    and that there’ll probably be lots of cute things in China with their cartoon heads <3 <3

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