Cindy, Tian Liang, Ye Yiqian visit the zoo


Water, water, in the glass, who’s the cutest of them all?

Did you want more of baby Cindy and baby animals from the movie? , Tian Liang, Ye Yiqian, and Cindy recently went back to the Changlong zoo, where they hung out with kaolas, beluga whales, and Cindy’s favorite – snakes!  

More cuteness below the cut.

Cindy kaola

Tian Liang, Cindy  cosplay kaolas

Cindy snake

If only the dads knew how brave Cindy is,   they could’ve gotten Cindy to get all the food for them in the movie instead of shaking from fear the entire time.

Tian Liang whale kiss

Quick! Steal a kiss before Ye Yiqian gets here!

Cindy Tian Liang whale touch

It’s so cute that Tian Liang’s holding Cindy back the entire time.

Cindy and family cosplaying traffic light.

Bonus photo!

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