Tiny Times 3.0 releases first trailer

“It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times; You might forget these times, but you’ll always remember us.”


Guo Jingming releases the first trailer for Tiny Times 3.0, the third of the Tiny Times series  set for a July 17th release. The film stars Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, Kai Ko, Chen Xuedong, Bea Hayden, Xie Yilin, Vivian Dawson, Jiang Chao, etc.

7 thoughts on “Tiny Times 3.0 releases first trailer

  1. I was watching the trailer for Maleficient…and there was this one shot where she really reminded me of Gu Li. Am I the only one? >< At 1:23…

  2. I accompanied my friend to watch this movie and =.=, the dialogues are so “novelized”, so pretentious and actually there’s really not much substance inside the whole glorious shell. The directing is actually very pretty but the characters and the story is very mediocre and I can’t connect with them. I thought it’s because GJM is not that good at screenwriting but when I read the first volume of this novel, I totally understood why the whole thing seems so shallow, because his writing skills is about the same level as a high-schooler. I don’t know why is he so popular with such limited writing skills and the storyline is so mediocre…maybe little kids nowadays like shallow stuffs.

    • Did u watch the third one?! What happened between Chong guang and Lin xiao? What happened to his face and how did he live? Sorry for the many questions lol

  3. Looks like Yang Mi’s character will be crying a lot again just like in the 2nd movie. =_= And it seems like they already revealed a major spoiler at the end? Although it’s not that surprising hehe.

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