Music Monday: May 5, 2014

Music Monday 2014

I’m back! I realize the last time I posted anything was back in February. So… Lets ease back into Music Monday again. But first I would like to introduce two new discovery of sort. 1) Music Radio Billboard Chart and 2) CCTV Global Music Chart.

Music Radio Billboard Chart has been around for a few years, but the webpage was never that visually appealing. The chart is now separated into Mainland, TW/HK, and new releases. Then there’s CCTV’s brand new “live” music performance program Global Music Chart first aired in March. While not all the performances are for new songs, but I’m not going complains about finally having a show dedicated to musical performance and promotion. Like its counterparts (Music Station/Inkigayo) a winner is crowned at the end of each episode based on SNS votes, text, and audience votes. I hope they include digital and physical sales later to promote legal music download/purchase.

Speaking of music award, it’s music awards season again! Yinyuetai held their 2nd annual award show a few weeks ago. The award show itself wasn’t all that interesting, basically anyone who decided to attend got an award, but there were some great performances. QQ Music held their first music awards show this year. Finally the all important Music Radio Annual Top Billboard Charts and The Chinese Music Awards 全球华语榜中榜, which were both held in late April.

What I’m listening to…

  • Singing About Our Past (回忆唱给你听) – 小5
  • Step By Step (步步) – Mayday (五月天) [binmusictaipei]
  • Above the Sky – Cui Longyang (崔龙阳)
  • Hotblooded Youth (热血少女) – The Goddess (微胖女神)
  • Long Time No See (好久不见) – James Yang (杨永聪) [HIM/華研國際
  • Want to Go Home (想回家) – Anthony Neely
  • If There is a Tomorrow 如果还有明天 – Fake Eyed Band 幻眼乐队
  • Eastern Sunglight (北方的阳光) – SuperVC (糖果VC)
  • Love Freedom (爱自由) – Alisia You (游智淇)
  • Grow – Bii毕书尽/李玉玺
  • Everything’s Gonna Be Alright – Huang Chongxu (黄崇旭)
  • My Time (我的时代) – MC Hotdog/Ayal Komod
  • Lady Lady – Wei Chen (魏晨)
  • His Cat (他的猫) – Xu Liang (徐良)/Yang Xi (杨曦)

No Difference 沒差 is from Momo Wu‘s (吴莫愁) first full length album Omnipresent (无所不在).

Galassia from Shanghai based glam-rock band Lilith.

Another single from Hou Xian (后弦) titled No Free Delivery for Love Letter 情书不包邮. Seriously, when is he going to release a full length album?

New single Darkness and Clarity (黑则明) from Sitar Tan (谭维维).

Love is Not Far 爱未走远 is a new single from alan, the MV features Jason from JL Nu’est-M.

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