Sun Li for Bazaar, gives birth to daughter in Hong Kong

Moral of the photoshoot; even maternity clothes will look good if Sun Li’s the one who’s wearing them! The actress gave birth to her and Deng Chao’s second child, this time a daughter, in Hong Kong on May 3rd. She tweeted, “Dengdeng’s sister arrived.” (Surprise, the baby actually came a month earlier than expected).

If you’re eager to see more of Sun Li after her star-making role in The Legend of Zhen Huan, you might be interested in her 2013 drama series “Hot Mom,” where she plays a woman who became a “hot mom” after an unexpected preganancy. Or, you could wait for her new movie Just Another Margin 大话天仙. Borrowing from the classic Water Margin (supposedly), the movie will star Sun Li as the beautiful Xu Jinling, who is married off to an ugly man Mao Dalong. Dalong’s younger brother Mao Song tries to help Dalong woo Jinling, but ends up falling in love with his sister-in-law, and as he discovers the feelings are mutual, evades her. After the scheming of a less savory character, Dalong is imprisoned and Jinling is taken away; it is then up to Mao Song to save his brother and his wife…

Anyways, enjoy some dreamland pictures of Sun Li below the cut!

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  1. The first dress is very Elsa like!

    That sounds like the worst plot ever. He rapes her after figuring out she actually likes him? Knowing that she’s married to is brother? And he’s the protagonist?!

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