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You might think this is a horror series, except this guy actually spends most of his time saving up for the new iPhone 8 that’s coming out soon in the underworld.

Round-up of new TV available recently per request. English link is original streaming, Chinese is YouTube streaming.


Perfect Couple 金玉良缘:   The series is mostly of Wallace Huo and Tang Yan being hyper and goofy and adorbs.  Perfect way to lighten up your day after a hour of Liu Shishi being emo.

Ghosts:  Ferryman of spirits 见鬼之灵魂摆渡人:  The iQiyi supernatural-themed internet series  has gained a cult following with its quirky lines and crazy characters (Mulan becomes a ferryman who wears tight black leather, shoots laser spirit guns, and owns an iPhone 7 (Steve Jobs was busy in the underworld)   ) . The opening is actually the only scary part, and the series does get pretty addictive after a few episodes. 

Bu Bu Jing Qing 步步惊情 :   Tangren once again cannot seem to extend their success to modern dramas.  The first couple of episodes are confusing, Liu Shishi is crying every other scene, Nicky Wu’s character has neither expressions nor personality, and Chen Xiang is the only one who seems to have a bit of life in him. Also Zeng Yike and Jiang Jinfu are making out?!


A Bite of China 2 舌尖上的中国: Episode two transitions from Zhang Yimou’s The Road Home to Wong Kar War’s The Grandmaster  with its wuxia-themed episode 2.  Episode 2 focuses more on the clash of knives and fire by   of martial arts masters chefs  in the  jianghu world of high-end traditional foods.

Other new series available include a low quality  version of Tang Yan, Raymond Lam’s Ad Mania 广告风云

Why are Olympic champions’ kids all so cute?! (gif source)

Daddy’s home 爸爸回来了,”  Zhejiang TV’s latest parent-child show is still not as good as “Daddy, where are we going?” but with a cast of Wu Zun, Jia Nailiang, Li Xiaopeng, and Wang Zhonglei, it’s definitely a must watch. Also, thanks to the latter two being head of companies that manage big stars, you see the dads at work and meeting Sun Yang, Andy lau, calling Jackie Chan and Huang Xiaoming in ep. 1 alone. I personally  would not mind a 24/7 broadcast of just Wang Zhonglei working. Also, I suspect that his apartment is just there to pretend he’s not as rich as he is, because there’s nothing in it, and just look at his brother Wang Zhongjun’s museum house.

Happy Camp 快乐大本营– Where are we going? Dad 2 special : Li Xiaopeng’s former teammate, Yang Wei, also found a following for his son,  Yang Yangyang. Along with actor Benny Chan, host Li Rui, and model Liu Chang,  the four went on Happy Camp with their kids. Let’s just say that Yang Yangyang is the cutest thing ever, and Liu Chang is gorgeous.


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  1. Daddy’s home is a remake of the korean show Superman is back, I think they’re different with Dad, where are you going but I really hate the fact that they make the chinese title sounds like a copy of DWAYG… they’re totally riding on the children-dad reality show tail.

    • It’s about a ferry station for spirits posing as a convenience store. The main character (not pictured) has special eyes so he can see ghosts, and the owner of the store (pictured) is a ferryman. It’s a very episodic series. For example, episode 5 is about a whistleblowing journalist who’s murdered, and she doesn’t want to go to the underworld until the facts are exposed. Episode 3 is about a woman who signs a blood contract with the spirits to become beautiful. Episode 12 have the two main leads switch bodies, and they have to try to get it back by helping a boy find his father who had disappeared years ago after a mining incident.

  2. wow that new dad is home show ;~~; so cute. I didn’t know Li Xiaopeng spoke english. his daughter is so cute

    • His wife is Chinese-American (daughter of two Chinese gymnasts who immigrated to the U.S.). They fell in love when he was injured and getting treatment in California with the help of her parents. Apparently his English and her Chinese were both terrible at the time, so he hired an English tutor and studied hardcore to communicate with her. They’re super cute.
      Here’s their wedding video:

      • yeah I saw this video before but I guess that I didn’t expect the english. but yay easier for me to understand lol. are they living in china now or california?

        • They’re living in Beijing. He’s currently a top exec at VivaChina, a multibillion Li-Ning subsidiary that manages the Chinese gymnastics, badminton, and diving team (along with a few others like Sun Yang, Liu Xuan, Pan Xiaoting), sponsors general sports events, and also does green energy development on the side .

  3. I really liked Ghosts: Ferryman of spirits 见鬼之灵魂摆渡人, but the end was like…very anti-climatic. I kept waiting for more and it was like – the end. -_-

    Daddy’s home 爸爸回来了is so cute. I tried resisting, but it was futile. Lol

  4. Thank you very much for your updates!! I would not have known about the other programs otherwise. You are a star.

    • Just as a heads up, episodes 4, 6+7, and 16 are all actually creepy; 3 and 4 have a lot of random sex scenes. 6+7 is pretty much pure creepy. 16 actually has an interesting plot. 4 is okay, but not worth the creepiness. My favorites are episodes 10 -12.

      • Ooh, thanks for the warning! I don’t actually want the creepy parts, so that’s helpful to know. Also, can you explain the Mulan thing? Either that went over my head or I haven’t gotten to that part yet.
        Right now I’ve switched over to Dad Comes Home in an effort to lighten the creepy gloom. How is the internet not making a bigger deal out of Wu Chun and his daughter being on that show?
        So many of the shows I watch are because of this blog. You all are awesome. =]

        • :D
          Mulan shows up in episode 5 and about half of the future episodes. I recommend just skipping 4, 6 and 7, then. I almost stopped watching the show after ep. 4, but then too many people were recommending it so I continued. Other than the entrance of Mulan in ep. 5, all of the other episodes can stand alone, so you don’t have to watch it in order.

          I think the show just popped out of nowhere a week before airing, and it had its press conference on the day when A Bite in China was airing, so no one paid attention …

          • Before I read your first reply, I had already watched through episode 3 and skipped to the end of episode 4. Maybe it’s because I didn’t watch the middle of ep 4, but I actually found ep 3 to be more unsettling. I will go with your recommendations and watch 5 and then 10-12.
            That’s still pretty weird, though, especially given the success of “Dad, Where Are We Going?”…
            Also, rereading the article, I want to say that Yang Yangyang is an adorable child, and I just want to hug him.

  5. I can’t agree more! BBJQ have all the actors I love, but all the melodrama is making me crazy! I hope they light up the story line, but that is clearly not gonna happen…

      • Omg…. I just have to rant right now….>< BBJQ is possibly the most stupid drama I have watched these last five years! How come the Chinese TV hasn't ban yet this headless and egocentric drama? The character of Nicky Wu is such a bastard, I don't understand why everyone is forgiving him (just because he shot a MV about his mistakes? When his own father and XY died directly due to his wrong doing?)… I think he should reflect a little more -.- and in what would does he deserve the main character?

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