Zhou Xun, Zhang Yadong, Piao Shu by Li Yuchun

Zhou Xun and Li Yuchun, who would’ve imagined this pair?

Not content with just directing her own MV’s, Li Yuchun wants to begin shooting for others. Her first project, a part of her new album , includes taking photos of others who are “cool.” That includes actress Zhou Xun and musicians Piao Shu and Zhang Yadong. So she’s not that exciting of a photographer, but whoever is shooting her shooting other people is amazing.  Watch the beautiful extras MV below of Zhou Xun and Li Yuchun.


3 thoughts on “Zhou Xun, Zhang Yadong, Piao Shu by Li Yuchun

  1. Actually, the photos aren’t that bad. Missing a bit of spark, and since she’s working on a 1×1 framing in most, it seems a bit boring in terms of composition. Is the first pic from the same photoshoot? Coz that photo is so off xD

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