Chen Xiao’s “The Condor Heroes” Releases First Preview

Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen display their tag-team kung fu as Yu Zheng shows off his Photoshop fu. (Seriously. Look at Chen Xiao’s forehead.)

Yu Zheng may have been accused of plagiarism, but that’s not stopping him from going full-steam ahead with his other high-profile project, the newest adaptation of wuxia classic Return of the Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣). Starring Chen Xiao as Yang Guo and Michelle Chen as Xiaolongnü, the drama is now officially titled The Romance of the Condor Heroes.

The preview is essentially a mishmash of scenes that will probably make sense only to those who know the storyline (or, seeing as Yu Zheng is the screenwriter, maybe not). Check out the video and some stills below, and get your first look at Yang Rong as Mei Chaofeng.


10 thoughts on “Chen Xiao’s “The Condor Heroes” Releases First Preview

    • I read the book and I am certain Yang Guo is not a flirt? Yu Zheng is changing the story again isn’t he? I dont like Yu Zheng but I do like the cast. I will watch this show with a open mind. Cannot compare to the real story. Just enjoy it as it is.

      • Below is an exchange between Yang Guo and Gongsun Lv’e from the New Version. I double-checked and the Century New Version also has the same part. Note how he flirts with her, and at one points has feelings for her, causing the poison to act in his body. The last line says he has the traits of a coquet inherited from his father, and enjoys flirting with women.

        At one point, I believe he called Lu Wushuang his wife to tease her. All these women didn’t fall for Yang Guo just because he’s handsome, but because he’s also very charming.


        • I must have remembered it wrong. It has been 25years since I read the story. Thank for the refreshment. I look forward to watch Chen Xiao’s Yang Guo. Will it be better than Andy Lau’s?

  1. I’ll watch this for Chen Xiao and Yang Rong (yeah, she’s awesome), but this isn’t looking very promising. I think I’ll always love the 2006 version best. The thing is, this seems like it’ll be largely focused on the romance. But this romance just doesn’t seem to capture the same feels. With 2006’s version with Liu Yi Fei icy demeanor and just the choice of actors and actresses (I LOVE Chen Xiao and think he’s a great actor, but tbh he is nothing like my mental image of Yang Guo), the romance was scandalous (yes we all rooted for them, but I think we can all agree there was a slightly incestuous note, in a totally cool way of course, since she technically was his teacher and raised him and watched him grow up…), desperate, desperately passionate, and heartachingly beautiful. Despite the somewhat happy ending, there just always seems to be such a tragic/melancholic note to their love. Here Michelle seems to portray a not-as-strong XLN and their romance seems very…well…classically romantic. It may not be the acting specifically, maybe it’s the script or just what we’ve seen. But so far, it’s not looking very good. I’m going to try to watch this with an open mind because I love the story itself, and I hope they prove me wrong…at least let them have chemistry.

  2. Will try to keep a open mind about Michelle Chen being Xiao Long Niu. I love Chen Xiao. He has one of the most mesmerizing pair of eyes….

  3. They finally got someone with proper English! Heroes is actual spelled correctly, and the English subtitles actually make sense. Now if only “Song of War & Sing” can do the same …

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