Photoshoot Friday: Monochrome Clothing

Not only is this “Photoshoot Friday” not being released on Friday…Han Xue‘s pictures here aren’t actually from a photo shoot, but were so nice I didn’t realize they were stills from her new 1930s Shanghai drama Home of a Lady 淑女之家. (produced through her own studio – power to all those lady stars founding their own productions!) “Real” photo shoots in this round come from those like Fan Rui, glittering in white. There’s also Daniel Chan, handsome in black, and Jiang Hong, in various shades of purple and violet. Ming Dao plays the yang for Daniel’s yin, chalked up in white. Look under the cut for more pictures!

01. Han Xue

02. Fan Rui

03. Daniel Chan

04. Jiang Hong

05. Ming Dao

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  1. It’s ok, I would take Photoshoot Friday any day of the week. :P Love all of these photoshoots, the featured one especially gives the feel of springtime!

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