Cindy turns six, already breaking hearts


This photo was so cute and popular  that Sohu and QQ later reached out and brought the originals to put as their entertainment headliner.

Tian Liang may have been ousted of the “National Father-in-Law” title by Han Han, but that’s only because the competition for Cindy‘s heart is already a tight-race.    #Cindy’s  rumored boyfriend” beat out even the Hong Kong Film Awards to make the top hashtag on Weibo following Guo Tao’s recounting of a comment by Shitou at Cindy’s birthday party.  The birthday party, along with an award for Zhang Liang, also helped the entire Liang^2 family of 7-1 , including Kou Jing, Ye Yiqian, Zhang Liang, Tian Liang, Cindy, and Tiantian, all get in the top ten most searched names on Weibo for the past two days.

Shitou said: “Happy Birthday, Cindy.”
Like a flower waiting to bloom, Cindy smiled,” Thanks, Shitou-gege.”
Shitou then said,”Your rumored boyfriend is still on the road. Let’s not wait and start eating.”

Shitou-ah, you should learn more from Dad when he was young. *tears* *tears* *tears*

Cindy Shitou

郭涛: 石头说:生日快乐,森碟。森碟含苞待放的微笑说,谢谢石头哥哥。石头接着说:你的绯闻男友还在路上,别等了,我们开吃吧…石头啊,学学爸爸年轻的时候好不好[泪][泪][泪]

Worried that people might think the rumored boyfriend in question is someone else, Zhang Liang quickly admits in the comments to confirm it’s his son Shitou is talking about:

This is my fault, the son-and-mom duo trusted me too much! I told them it was in the afternoon.

Also at the party were Angela’s dad, Wu Minxia, Qin Kai, He Zi, HuHu, Zhang Xinyi, Yu Shasha, and many of her little buddies.

Tiantian Cindy

张悦轩: 森碟 happy birthday[马上有对象][马上有对象] zhangdayday[太阳][太阳][太阳]

Tiantian’s Weibo, managed by his parents, also came out with the  Birthday wish for Cindy with a questionable use of a emoticon that literally meant “have a spouse soon”. Choice of punctuation are by me:

Cindy, Happy Birthday, [have a spouse soon].  [Soon have a spouse]  Zhang Dayday.

Also, wise netizens digged up that back in 2011, Ye Yiqian and Zhang Liang had joked about arranging a marriage for the two on Weibo.

Zhang Liang: Happy Birthday, sexy mom*!
Ye Yiqian: Thanks, handsome guy! Your son’s godfather has already asked for my daughter’s hand in marriage for your son!. :b
Zhang Liang: :D :D :D :b

What do you think? Are you team Shitou,  team Tiantian, team Kimi, team Angela, or Cindy X all?

14 thoughts on “Cindy turns six, already breaking hearts

  1. Did anyone watch this week’s Happy Camp? The male model’s daughter Duo Duo and Tian Tian were 青梅竹马 before Cindy came along. This is the stuff of Asian dramas lol

    • Liu Chang’s response, hahahaha
      He Jiong: So Duoduo and Tiantian are like childhood sweethearts?
      Liu Chang: Uhhh…. I think he’s with someone else now.

      P.S. Liu Chang is so good looking. >.<

      • Also agree about Liu Chang. Duo Duo is so pretty!
        Li Rui’s daughter is ridiculously mature/funny. And Yang Yang Yang was soooo adorable.

    • Tian Yucheng.
      I know Jimmy Lin purposefully used his Kimi’s English name to hide his real name from the public to protect him; and if you look at Weibo, Cindy + Angela’s parents didn’t start using their English names until the lead up to this show. None of these five kids are going by their legal names.

  2. OMG Cindy is so cute!!! I love how all the parents are totally enjoying the shipping/pairing of their kids (they’re probably encouraging it all)

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