Weibo Wednesday: April 16, 2014

turbosun: 爸爸妈妈去早教给等等报名,手续都办妥,老师问小孩的名字要做登记,我回答道:等等。老师说:喔。然后过了很久老师又问道:请问小孩叫什么?我们又答:等等……老师说:噢…………这小孩的名字麻烦?我们答道:就叫等等呀。老师顿时一脸黑线

With great power comes great responsibility… especially when you’re deciding on your kid’s name. Sun Li shared a funny story about when she and husband Deng Chao registered their son for school. Keep in mind that “dengdeng” means “wait” or “hold on.”

Dad and Mom went to the early class to register Dengdeng. The procedures were all completed, and the teacher asked what the child’s name was in order to register it. I replied, Dengdeng. The teacher said, Okay. After a long while, the teacher asked again, May I ask what the child is called? We answered again: Dengdeng… Teacher: Oh… is this child’s name very troublesome? We replied: He’s called Dengdeng. The teacher’s face immediately got marked by black lines.

Yes, their kid’s name is Deng Dengdeng. Makes you wonder what Sun Li, who recently showed off her baby bump in a photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar, is going to name her second child.

And according to idarklight, gymnasts Yang Wei and Yang Yun named their son Yang Yangyang (and will be appearing on Happy Camp this Friday!). It looks like this is more of a nickname, though, thank goodness.

夢想家林志穎: 拍爸爸去哪,kimi一直被误认女生,身为有英雄梦的小ki终于要剪男生头!他学把比抓头发不停摆pose。爸比终于决定亲自动刀给他剪头发咯!#猜kimi新发型#4700万粉丝礼物时揭晓

More parenting adventures! This time it’s Jimmy Lin trying to give son Kimi a haircut. What kind of hairstyle do you think would fit Kimi best? Buzz cut? Mohawk? :D

When filming Where Are We Going? Dad, Kimi always kept being mistaken for a girl. Little Ki, who has heroic dreams, is finally going to get a boy haircut! He learned from Daddy how to grab his hair and continually pose. Daddy finally decided to personally give him a haircut! #Guess Kimi’s new hairstyle# #Will disclose it as a gift for reaching 47 million followers#

夢想家林志穎: kimi的头发,好像……被我剪……坏了……怎么办?!像芭比的发型了……#说说你剪过最失败的发型#

Unfortunately, as you might be able to tell from Jimmy’s facial expression in this photo, the haircut may not have gone as planned…

It seems like Kimi’s hair…was ruined…by my cutting… What do I do?! It looks like Daddy’s hairstyle now… #Share the most fail hairstyle you’ve ever had#

陈坤: 妆后,真的有那么值得挨砸吗?(水瓶怪叔叔)

S’ok, Jimmy, you must be having a better week than Chen Kun, who shared that a 20-or-so-year-old female fan approached him during filming. She called out his name, so he nodded and smiled at her. After filming for the day finished, she went directly over to him and asked, without a smile, whether she could have a photo with him. He told her to wait until he got rid of his makeup, and she nodded. After the photo, she picked up a brick and threw it at his car window, saying that she used to be his fan but no longer was.

I think I speak for everyone when I say, What kind of a crazy fan is this????

Chen Kun later posted the above photo to Weibo, with the following comment:

After taking off my makeup. Is it really deserving of being hit [with a brick]?

韩寒: 电影拍摄期间难得的一日空闲。朋友送了一只鹅给家人吃,但我还是决定把它养起来。

This was a pretty short round-up, so have Han Han with a goose to make up for it.

Some rare free time while filming a movie. A friend sent me a goose to give my family to eat, but I decided to raise it.

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  1. Aww, that’s adorable. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if somebody has a double syllable given name that’s identical to their last name. And yikes, crazy fan for Chen Kun! Glad he wasn’t hurt.

    The goose is so cute! It reminds me of the time my dad bought a chicken and a goose with the intention of eating them, but my siblings and I wanted to raise them. They were returned as they were making too much noise. XD

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