“A Bite of China 2” releases MV, to air on Friday

Warning: do not watch when hungry!

Warning: do not watch without food!

April’s most anticipated sequel (sorry, Bu Bu Jing Qing) is finally coming! The 8-episode sequel to the hit documentary “A Bite of China” will air on CCTV on Friday after a two months delay in production. The series, a story of Chinese food, but more important the people behind the food, was one of China’s biggest hits in 2012, and marked a major comeback for the very underrated CCTV 9 documentary channel.   If you haven’t watched, season 1 is readily available on YouTube with both English subs and dubs.

I teared up just watching the beautiful behind the scenes extra MV below. While you’re waiting, I highly recommend CCTV’s documentary Peony 牡丹, which uses a similar method of using an object (this time the Peony) to tell stories of both individuals and society, their history, and their dreams. The narrator and production teams also overlap.  Are you excited, or are you already screaming in joy?

6 thoughts on ““A Bite of China 2” releases MV, to air on Friday

  1. Oh snap, I’m hungry already.

    A Bite of China has the best posters. For every one I’ve seen, I want a copy to hang on my wall. *o*

  2. A mv about food just managed to make me cry.

    And then made me laugh when the scene with the fishes swimming upstream timed with the lyrics, “I really want to see you right now.”

    So. Excited. for this.

    • A lot of people on Bilibili said they cried watching the MV, too.
      I cried multiple times the first time I watched the series, and still tear up every time I watch episode 2 (the part about Ningning and her grandparents gets me every time)

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