Gossip-Tabloid Stills for Virtuous Queen of Han

Princess Guantao and Empress Chen Jiao discuss where they can add another phoenix to the palace decorations.

I noticed we had a lack of gorgeous stills for upcoming Hong Kong-Mainland co-production Virtuous Queen of Han, starring Raymond Lam, Wang Luodan, Jones Xu Zhengxi, etc., so I decided to fill that gap.

More pictures below the cut.

Grand Empress Dowager Dou to Empress Chen Jiao:  “Don’t worry, dearie.  Our costumes may not be that accurate for the Han dynasty but we’ll make up for that by speaking in Classical Chinese.”

Empress Chen Jiao to Emperor Wu of Han: “Your Majesty… let me put my head up… my neck…. ooooh my neck…”

“Gotta have the evil smirk down if you’re gonna play a villain…”

Wei Zifu’s hair seems more accurate-looking before she became an Empress… I guess power really changes people…

What is she doing?!? O_O

Wei Zifu and her brother Wei Qing.

Hitting on Princess Pingyang.

To the Han dynasty gossip magazines!!

They really need some new blood in that family….

10 thoughts on “Gossip-Tabloid Stills for Virtuous Queen of Han

  1. am I the only one who thinks the grand empress dowager Dou in this series looks like a witch in drag?

  2. Oh yeah… there’s this documentary on Han dynasty dress… but I find it kinda bland and some parts might be a bit misleading if you don’t know what you are supposed to be looking for. I suggest looking at this after you have gone over the Han dynasty clothing info on at least Wuxia Edge and Perfect Costume.

  3. Hey everybody!

    Sorry I’m a bit late but with all the costume dramas that are in production or going to be coming out soon, I know there is a population of people who are wishing they had more knowledge on the evolution of Chinese clothing. Therefore, I thought I would post some helpful links that may help give you a better idea of the general dress of each period. Keep in mind that there may be some mis-information floating around but keep at it! I’m sure you’ll get it! ^^b

    Also, keep in mind that it is always good to go back and forth and check the time period you are looking at. For that, I find the expandable bar on the right side of the wikipedia page on Chinese history helpful.


    For starters, there’s a nice chart that sums up the GENERAL styles of dress for each era on Wuxia Edge.


    This blog by Perfect Costume is also helpful since it groups costume by dynasty and goes into more detail about characteristics of each era’s style of dress. You may have to scroll through the older posts to get to them all but there’s stuff on most of the major dynasties and there’s stuff on the Han dynasty if you’re looking forward to DMY, YZG, VQH, etc.


    There’s also some more information on the Hanfu wikipedia page but I find it a bit of a mess.


    Finally, let’s end it with this fun documentary on Chinese clothing. (Unfortunately, there’s no English subtitles but for those who can speak and listen, this will be helpful. Basically, the reporter gets dressed in get-ups from the Ming, Tang, and Song dynasties.)

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