If you’re in an arranged marriage, the next best thing to being in love is both being best bff’s and bamf’s.


Nirvana in Fire, the Kong Sheng-directed drama of “friendship” and revenge, released the first major set of stills of its cast.  Featured are the lead Hu Ge, his best friends played by Wang Kai, Chen Long, Jin Dong,  and Wu Lei,  and the female supporting cast of Liu TaoZhou Qiqi, Zhang Lingxin, and Wang Ou.

Also, it has been confirmed that archrivals Yu Zheng and Tangren will have their two actors, Zhang Hanzhe  and Hu Ge, playing the before-and-after of the lead character.   Next thing we know, Liu Shishi and Yang Rong will be playing siblings.  (In fact …  Yu Zheng said yesterday that he asked Liu Shishi about playing XiaoLongNv) 

“The most tragic thing in the world is I’m right behind you, but you don’t recognize me.”
Chen Long
Chen Long rounds up the trio of best friends as a general who connects the two best friends without them knowing it.
Jin Dong
Jin Dong plays the flamboyant doctor who saves Hu Ge’s life. Why the serious face, Jin Dong?

LIu Tao2

Zhou Qiqi
Zhou Qiqi is the brilliant Madam who runs a spy network for Hu Ge. She has the misfortune of falling in love with a guy who obviously does not like women.
Zhang Lngxin
Zhang Lingxin plays the cool right-hand of the head of the Secret Police, and is a part of one of only two romances of the series, except both of them include the guy being dead/disappeared for most of the series.

Fei LIu

Hu Ge
Liu Tao

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7 thoughts on “Nirvana in Fire releases vintage stills”

  1. “Zhou Qiqi is the brilliant Madam who runs a spy network for Hu Ge. She has the misfortune of falling in love with a guy who obviously does not like women.” Seriously laughed my a** off when i read this =)))) Chang Su’s chemistry with any guys in this novel, including Fei Liu, is so much more interesting compared to with the princess or Gong Yu XD And i must say i love his costume <3 do u know when will this drama be released?

    1. Well, she’s already played Yang Kang’s wife, Yang Guo’s daughter, and Yang Silang’s wife (Yang Kang is a descendant of Yang Liulang). She might as well as complete the entire family tree so that she’s her own mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, and great-great-aunt-in-law.

    2. Yeah I think it’d have been better. Liu Shi Shi is really good acting in period dramas. Plus I think she’d carry more of an elegant and mature/regal-ish look and attitude of XLN. Michelle is pretty, but she looks more delicate and…well…like a damsel in distress. I feel like XLN is definitely very feminine, but she’s also a character who can hold her own and is very strong and can be independent.

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