“Perfect Couple” watches a meteor shower, releases MV


The cast cosplaying “Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower”


As   Perfect Couple nears airing date on the 21st, the series is releasing plenty of goodies, this time their ending theme song MV and a series of Meteor Shower themed photos.    The song below is written by the amazing Lin Hai (Da Ming Palace), with lyrics by Tonghua.   More photos of the leads, Tang Yan, Wallace Huo, Gong Mi, and Huang Ming, below the cut.

Tang Yan Wallace Huo

Every man needs a strong woman’s shoulders to cry on.

Gong Mi Huang MIng

Gong Mi and Huang Ming upon inhaling laughing gas.


Look! Someone photoshopped lines above us!


Look! Someone photoshopped green dots above us!

10 thoughts on ““Perfect Couple” watches a meteor shower, releases MV

  1. Just started Perfect Couple last night…. literally marathoned the first 21 episodes. Haha. I love the main couple of course, and even the evil ‘biao ge’ (the actor who plays him is amazing in his role). It reminds me a lot of Huan Zhu Ge Ge for some reason ;)

    • No worries, you’re not the only one — I marathoned 10+ episodes today, and am sorely regretting picking BBJQ over Perfect Couple when they were both airing. The main four are so cute, and it has the perfect amount of silliness, sword fights, and attempts to connect everything to an overarching plot.

      I really like Liu Wenzhao too, though I don’t think the actor does that great of a job. But the character is pretty well written, probably even more so than the leads, so he lucks out there. And the actor is way better than whoever’s acting out the second prince… I always fast-forward his scenes. >_>

      • Oh my god…the scene when Jin Yuanbao got Qilin to kiss him by offering her a ton of wine was so adorable. (The way he smiled! And how happy he was when she kissed his cheek, d’aw so cute) …Was that like a mild form of date rape though…? I’m feeling guilty over finding it so cute -___-

        This is such an adorable drama, but I’m approaching episode 20. Not sure if I should continue watching after that, or skip to the final episode :( (Is it “worth” seeing everything go downhill, as everyone says happens?)

        The real Miss Jiang is really pretty. …Most of the main leads are really likable…and there’s so much eyecandy. I usually phase out on a lot of the plotting scenes, but….lol Second prince is so attractive (shallow…!)

  2. LOL@ the captions, I actually just watched ep1-3 of Perfect Couple just now and it’s pretty entertaining. I think Wallace Huo and Tang Yan matches, I shipped them in Paladin 3. I’m actually more interested in the plot of Perfect Couple than BBJQ’s plot.

      • I think I’m just being biased because in my mind, BBJX ending is perfect and a sequel will never do it justice so if BBJQ has no correlation with BBJX, I’ll probably like it more.

        • So far the teasers are just of LSS being emo … and I think they’re trying too hard to extend the plot to BBJX to the point where it’s a bit anachronistic. Like when she recited Mao’s poem to describe Kangxi in modern times, or when Sun Yizhou decided to poison everyone, those things simply don’t fly in modern times.

          • Right! It’s trying too hard to link itself with BBJX but actually it’s not necessary. I would prefer it to be a normal modern day corporate politic drama than an extension to BBJX. I watched a few episodes of Ipartment and somehow I always imagine his funny scenes whenever I see him being emo, LOL!

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