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Tang Yan, Li Yifeng looking extremely adorable in their drama together!

  • BTS from Zhao Liying, Zhang Han’s modern adaptation of “Come to eat, Shanshan” here. The BTS also confirms rumors of Zhao Liying, Wallace Huo to star in adaptation of fantasy novel 花千骨.
  • New extras miniseries of “Where are we going? Dad” here.
  • Joining his co-star Nathan Lee (who is dating Qi Wei)  in Chinese-Korean couples,  New Beijing Memories lead  Gao Ziqi is now dating Chae Rim.  New Beijing Memories 新京华烟云, starring Li Sheng, Nathan Lee, Gao Ziqi, Kan Qingzi, is now airing on land channels.
  • The third installment in the Palace series to air on Hunan TV on April 8th. Trailer here.
  • Zhang Meng, Zhang Rui collaborate  in new modern series “Stairs of temptation 欲望的阶梯.” The series is produced by H&R Century/Huanrui (SOP Queen, New The Four, Yu Zheng/Yang Mi/Tang Yan/Mingdao workshops)
  • Tang Yan, Shu Chang, Li Yifeng, William Chan begin filming the girls’ first leading H&R Century/Huanrui series,  活色生香/蝶香 Butterfly Fragrance.


6 thoughts on “Misc. drama news

  1. I can only muster…… WHAT HOW HUH? Chae Rim and Gao Ziqi? Did i miss out on something?
    Language barrier, for starters. How did they even meet? I have to say, this is the most surprise couple ever. They look pretty good tho, Known Chae Rim forever from dramas and she really hasnt aged a bit!

  2. I appreciate the first Palace installment for letting me discover Feng Shaofeng. I can’t stand the 2nd one let alone the third one.

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