吴奇隆TD: 長的像吳奇隆了不起啊?你再瞪我,拖出去……擺好

How many wax dummies of Nicky Wu do we need? Well, I’m not complaining, even though the dummy doesn’t even look that much like him… as long as they give us Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情) when they said they would. Just twenty days away, everyone!

You think you’re great because you look like Nicky Wu? If you keep staring at me, I’ll have you dragged out and……… arranged properly.

韩寒: 你们这样黑我,就不怕我报复么?把我脸P白的同时,就不能把那颗饭粒一起修掉么?不知道我现在是处女座了么? // 后会无期:剧组的拍摄比较艰苦。导演韩寒已经习惯了赛车的戎马生涯,所以没有任何不习惯。在放饭休息时,我们给导演加餐了一只鸡腿,同时捕捉到了这个画面。

The crew for Never Meet Again (后会无期) posted a charming photo of its writer-turned-director Han Han on his lunch break. While they made sure to Photoshop his face so his skin was lighter (since he’s been getting an unflattering tan from being in the sun so much), they neglected to erase the grain of rice under his lip.

Never Meet Again: Filming is a bit more arduous. Director Han Han is already used to the army life from racing cars, so there was nothing strange about to him. During our meal break, we added a chicken leg to the director’s meal, and captured this image.
Han Han: You’re not afraid that I’ll try to get revenge on you guys mistreating me? Why didn’t you also erase that grain of rice when you Photoshopped my face whiter? Don’t you know that I’m a Virgo right now?

And for those who have always wanted to be followed by a celebrity, here’s your chance: Han Han announced that he was so impressed by his followers’ talents that for each of his Weibo posts, he will pick a few messages and reply to them. He will also add one of the commenters to his follow list. Time to brush up on your Chinese wit!

陳柏霖:你考倒我了……好晚了,不要想鬍紙了……我們早點睡吧~~~同為失眠者。 // 柯震東Kai:好想要留鬍子 !!! 但為什麼就是一點都留不出來 !!!!!! ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️ @陳柏霖 教教我

Anyone here an expert at growing facial hair? You might want to give a hand to Kai Ko, who for some reason wants to grow out his beard. (Don’t do it, Kai!) So he asked for some advice from Chen Bolin, who I guess has a thing for mustaches…

Kai Ko: I really want to grow out a beard!!! But how come I can’t grow one out!!!!!! !?!?!?!? @Chen Bolin Teach me.
Chen Bolin: You’ve stumped me… It’s already late, let’s not think about beards… Let’s go to sleep earlier~~~ We are both insomniacs.

何炅: 好吧。妈妈在这儿呢!#不是所有全家福都温馨也有怪的#

Weird costumes are nothing new when it comes to Your Face Sounds Familiar (百变大咖秀), but who would have ever imagined He Jiong as Niu Mo Wang (the Bull Demon King)? With him are Xie Na as Tie Shan Gong Zhu (Princess Iron Fan) and… wait for it… Wang Yuexin as their son Hong Hai’er (Red Boy).

All right. Mother is here! #not all family photos are comfortable, there are strange ones too#

Also check out He Jiong as Thor!

红不红得看事实!在边上蹭着看了半天,结果谁都没认出来,连个打招呼的都没有,嗯,至少姆们象棋界没这一号儿 @彭于晏

Being a celebrity isn’t all that great, as Eddie Peng found out when a netizen posted a photo of him being ignored by a group of old men playing Chinese chess. Oh well, it’s not like they’re in your target audience, Eddie.

You have to look at the facts to see if you’re popular or not! You walked around and looked at them for half the day, but in the end nobody recognized you or even said hello to you. At least, in our world of Chinese chess, there isn’t this mark. @Eddie Peng

至上励合张远: 还挺感动的,特地送到店里…谢谢~

Top Combine’s Zhang Yuan got his copy of the Kepler (克卜勒) album, complete with a personalized note from his crush Stefanie Sun. And yeah, if you were wondering, he’s a big Angry Birds fan.

Rather touched, specially sent it to the store… Thank you~

范冰冰: 工作中其实有很多的乐趣,需要自己去找乐!

Fun times on set with Fan Bingbing! She also recently said that if her upcoming film, The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom (白发魔女之明月天国), reaches 1 billion RMB at the box office, she’d reveal the identity of her boyfriend, rumored to be Aarif Lee, her costar in The Empress of China.

There are actually a lot of delights during work; you just need to look for them yourself!

And rounding off this week, have Lin Gengxin protesting about a headline posted by Sina Entertainment on My Old Classmate (同桌的妳), his upcoming film with Zhou Dongyu. The headline? “Lin Gengxin confesses to Zhou Dongyu, checks into a room in a small hotel.”

Sina, what’s with the headline! What happened to your moral integrity!

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