Liu Shishi, Wallace Huo back in the Ming for “The Imperial Doctress”


Hoping to finally have an ending that doesn’t involve the death of either her or her beloved, Liu Shishi becomes a doctor. Little does she know that the greatest irony of them all is when the doctor can’t save her own love.

Liu Shishi and Wallace Huo join hands once more in the Ming dynasty for upcoming Tangren/NewBeauty series The Imperial Doctress 女医·明妃传.  Luckily, her outfits this time is actually more reflective of fashion of the era, with plenty of aofu (upper jacket + lower skirt) and bizi (the outer jackets). Liu Shishi plays the historical figure of Tan Youxian, one of the four famous female doctors of ancient China.  Wallace Huo and Huang Qian play two princes who probably via for her love, with Wallace Huo being the eventual Zhengtong Emperor.  Filming begun  March 25th in Hengdian. Character posters below the cut. Wallace Huo princeHuang Qian Liu Shishi whiteblueLiu Shishi on a safari Liu Shishi whiteWallace Huo armorLiu Shishi blue

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  1. In case anybody is interested, came upon this discussion page comparing Ming dynasty clothing and artifacts to the costumes in the drama. IMO, I think that this drama is doing a better job in the costume department than some dramas I’ve seen based on the Ming dynasty so we have to give them credit where it is due. Some of dramas screw Ming dynasty clothing up hell-a bad.

    • I read that thread too, it’s very interesting, actually there are many interesting threads in NvYi’s tieba.
      I just hope NvYi Will be not a stand alone case, but after it chinese drama will put more and more attention in costume department.
      NvYi did a great job, but still is not 100%. But I believe chinese drama will improve step by step.

      • To tell you the truth, I didn’t actually read it since I’m still working on my Chinese reading skills. I’m just somebody who has done enough research in the limited scope that I have and seen enough pictures from my searches to have a rough general idea of what things should look like in each historical period. Also, I have a penchant for looking at pretty historical paintings and artifacts so that helps too. If you get into too much detail I’m probably no match. >.<

        I think it's almost become a given that Chinese costuming and dramas will improve in terms of historical accuracy. Ever since Zhen Huan Zhuan and other dramas that have been more accurate in terms of customs and costuming have taken the spotlight, people have started to realize that you have to have not only quality productions but accurate productions if you are doing historical dramas. That way, you can draw in the hanfu, history nerd, and general Chinese culture enthusiast audiences.

        Yu Zheng really spotlighted the trend as far as production quality was concerned in showing how important quality is for a drama's success and we have to give him that. However, his… err… flexibility with history has drawn criticism and left room for competition to rise up again.

        With the rise of the internet, it has been increasingly difficult for production companies to ride over allegations of historical inaccuracy and general head-desk moments and given what a mess the internet can sometimes be, we have to at least acknowledge this benefit. I think the real success of this thread was that it put each of the drama shots side-by-side with the artifacts they were supposed to be depicting. Therefore, it really helps us compare, understand, and appreciate what is being done right and wrong. This kind of comparison is very powerful and I have to hand it to them. ^^b

        Therefore, I think if a production company really wants to survive and thrive in the Chinese market in the long-run, coming future, they really have to have their act together in terms of both quality and historical accuracy. This is not only because of mainland audiences but also due to audiences in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and other overseas communities who have achieved a relatively high standard of living and are now devoting more time into examining their roots. China can probably be expected to follow a similar path as her own people become more prosperous so historical accuracy becomes even more important.

        • I don’t think most drama viewers care about historical accuracy as long as they can make it work. I think historical accuracy tends to add to a drama, but isn’t always necessary. Plus, most people can’t really tell the difference.

          Also, I’m annoyed that both Tangren/Yu Zheng tries to promote their series as “accurate” by drawing parallels in clothing/accessories, when the bigger problem is obviously the script. I’m so sick of Tangren trying to sell their dramas as “serious” and true to history when in all honesty, their dramas are about as accurate as Yu Zheng’s, which is not but at least he doesn’t try to hide it. In fact, the scriptwriter for this also wrote Legend of Lu Zhen and Legend of Ban Shu, which explains why every smart woman must somehow get involved with the prince instead of being happily married to their actual husbands. If they wanted to base their scripts on real people, they should work their imagination within the limits of history, which shouldn’t be hard since most of those people have very limited information available anyways.

          • This is also true. It seems that scoring an emperor has been equated to a successfully written story… >.<

  2. I’ve seen 黄轩 in a drama before, he has that really attractive vibe..idk what is it but he’s good at acting……wow this is actually the first time i’ve ever been so excited for a drama since both the male lead and 2nd lead are good at acting and looks good

    and 一姐 could pull 谈允贤 off no problem
    yayyyyy much anticipated~~
    AND AND 霍建华’s 战长沙 is also a really reallly reallllllyyyy good drama omggggg so good

  3. Chinese fans of K-drama who are saying these costumes are copying Korean costumes.
    The producers and educators should give explanations about Tang and Ming influence on hanboks.

    • I feel like every Chinese drama gets that nowadays …
      But to be fair, the color scheme probably does have kdrama influences. The bright blue paired with yellow or light pink is imo very kdrama-ish. It’s been a recent trend in Chinese dramas and a bit too flashy for my tastes.

      Other similar color schemes:
      The Princess of Orchid Hills:
      and the Legend of Lu Zhen:

    • Lol its funny because the colour palette worn in Kdramas were never worn by ancient Goryeoans in real life
      People of Goryeo were known as 素衣民族, aka, they wore white everyday
      I’m really anticipating for this drama though, but the drama’s biggest point of controversy is not on whether or not Korean clothing resembles Chinese clothing, but the fact that the male lead killed 于谦, idk how’s the drama gonna play that out lol, that fact alone is a hugeeee blackmark on his character

      • It seems like most of the plot is going to be when he’s a prince? I feel like Tangren probably should’ve learned something about not to mess with national heroes after what happened with Desert Melody.

        • doubt it though
          judging from Huo’s costume, his identity is the emperor ….
          There was a plot synopsis on weibo and most of events takes place before 土木堡 and during when the male lead was in exile
          i do like liu shi shi and peng yu yan but even i can’t argue in favour of desert melody that trainwreck
          blackmarking a hero is just…..NO.

          • the story of desert melody itself basically made a dead person come back to life. considering how the dead person is a national hero by sacrificing himself in battle to defend China against enemies, the story was reallly reallllyy disrespectful toward the accomplishments of this general and all the soldiers that died on the battlefield.
            the story undermined all the suffering endured by China and over-glorified the invaders and basically turned history upside down
            i guess you can say that there could be many sides to history, but honestly, without 霍去病 and his accomplishments, there is no way the Han dynasty could have flourished like it did…

          • Desert Melody inspired an online protest against the dramas with history fans calling SARFT to ask for rejection of the show. The series was not even approved for filming until much after filming finished. They ended up having to change the name of the historical characters. Even then, people were still angry about the story’s potential separatist leanings and it’s not a hundred percent sure it’ll air.

  4. OMG this a must watch for me.
    I love the outfits!!!!!!!!! So beautiful AND royal to the real Hanfu of the ming era.

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