Ni Ni is beautiful (as usual) for Cosmopolitan

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Take a look on Cfensi’s sidebar! You should find a “weekly poll” (the actual poll for which I can’t figure out how to embed in our sidebar). At the rate Ni Ni’s churning out these photoshoots, the next question may as well be, “Which one of her photo shoots in the last few weeks has been your favorite?” (It’s not completely our fault we post so much about her, there are just too many high quality photoshoots with her~). Look under the cut for more pictures.

 photo 704_1238472_782248_zps47108a01.jpg photo 704_1238470_530164_zpsbeed8286.jpg photo 704_1238473_883260_zps11965c0c.jpg photo 704_1238466_253857-1_zpsf8a9e943.jpg photo 704_1238465_261394_zpsde080727.jpg photo 704_1238471_448638_zps0a25d105.jpg photo 704_1238469_427535_zps1b656c00.jpg
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