Round up: What’s Yu Zheng up to?

Which drama does this still remind you off? This one? Or this one?

Quiz up (can someone make me a Chinese entertainment version?)! Which one of these is not a drama recently produced by Yu Zheng? Song in the CloudsPalace 3Return of the Condor Heroes 2014, or The Palace? Colorful stills are abound from each drama, and synopses for these can be found by following links to previous posts.

More than once he’s been called upon to “scat from the entertainment circle,” but Yu Zheng is still going strong: his upcoming dramas include Turnip 蔓蔓青萝, a story concerning the young lady Li Qingluo (“Green Carrot”). The daughter of a concubine, she and her mother are disdained by the rest of her high ranking family, and she rarely puts on make up or competes with her sisters for attention. Yet she is a talented zither player and a skilled cook, and when her mother is sick in bed one day, only she leaves to search for medicine. Disguised as a boy one day, she meets the “Five Princes of Feng City,” thus opening a tangled love story…

Also upcoming is his “sequel” to the Legend of Lü Zhen, Legend of Mingyue. (Looking forward to seeing Chen XIao in uniform? This is a Republican era piece). The drama series is based off of the novel The Last Prince, the love story of the “last prince” of the Qing dynasty. Yu Zheng also has plans to adapt the last series in the Condor Trilogy, Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, to television sometime in the future.

Stills from Return of the Condor Heroes:

Chen Xiao is so gorgeous the flowers fade out of focus.

The only way to get through this series: Don’t pay attention to the plot, just stare at me all day!

Stills from Song in the Clouds: 

Oh! Angelababy’s character is the protagonist? …Oops!

With some of the least attractive costumes, and certainly made a background character (and rather mistreated by Bingyi in this fiction), Su Qing’s Xu Pingjun is historically one half of jjss08’s sacred OTP. Which means, that…

My vomit will soon render his flashy robes…!!!

“Oh…jjss08? Jjss08? …Should I call an ambulance? But I just finally earned enough money to change out of rags, I can’t pay…!” (Cameo from ROCH)

Some more stills from Palace 3:

Synopsis, from Dramawiki: At birth, Lian Cheng was exchanged for a baby boy Heng Tai. From then on their fates became totally different. Lian Cheng grew up in the streets and worked at brothels, while Heng Tai grew up in the majestic Wei’e general’s mansion. By a mysterious coincidence, Lian Cheng and Heng Tai meet and gradually* fall in love, resulting in Lian Cheng returning to the general mansion, her birth home. However, their love is not looked upon kindly, and meet with several obstacles along the way.

(*So probably within 2 episodes instead of one or one and a half).

Well, you have to. Your character caused this, anyways.

A dirge?

“It’s no use…she’s gone…”

“Mhm…welll…Why is that a bad thing?”

Like, why do you write posts about this when you hate it so much? I don’t get it!

2 thoughts on “Round up: What’s Yu Zheng up to?

    • To me, it’s fine if he copies… but he often places these copied scenes and effects in the most awkward places and then he releases and parades around these stills that are supposed to make us look forward to said-awkwardly-placed scene because this kind of scene worked in that other drama/movie.

      It gets to the point where somebody should ask him to make a drama version of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” because, unfortunately, that’s how it feels like sometimes as a desperate period-drama watcher. :/

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