Photoshoot Friday: March 21, 2014

Spring has been coming to us through photo shoots for a while now, so I’ll try not to use that as an introduction until next year. That said, Yao Chen is covered with blossoms in her shoot for Cosmopolitan, while Liu Xiaoran kisses a red rose wearing bright red lipstick. Zhao Liying is fresh faced and wears a giant gray-silver chrysanthemum on her head. Meanwhile, Zhou Xun goes for a sexy punker look, with dark crimson lipstick and heavy eyeshadow (though Liu Xiaoran’s red eyeshadow is rather more unusual). Ni Ni (+ Beautiful)’s make-up is lighter, but no less glamorous. 01. Yao Chen

02. Liu Xiaoran

03. Zhao Liying

04. Zhou Xun 

05. Ni NI 

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