“Perfect Couple” to Air on April 21st

Get ready for the ride of your lives!

If we’d known there would be so many drama-release announcements this week alone, we would have consolidated them all in one post, but where’s the fun in that? Anyhoo, for all you Tang Yan and Wallace Huo fans, their slapstick/romance drama Perfect Couple (金玉良缘) is slated to air on April 21st on Jiangsu TV and Shenzhen TV.

Whoever made that offering to the cdrama gods must really like Tong Hua (not that she’s at all involved with Bu Bu Jing Qing, apart from its being the sequel to one of her stories), because the writer is actually behind the screenplay of Perfect Couple. Now, if only they’d give any sort of hint as to when Legend of the Moon and Stars (星月传奇) will broadcast, this week would be a perfect week for Tong Hua fans.

Have an extended trailer, which really threw me off the first time I watched it because the dubbers are the same ones who dubbed Roy Qiu and Tang Tang in My Daughter (夏家三千金).


6 thoughts on ““Perfect Couple” to Air on April 21st

  1. 3 trailers and 3 release dates. You really outdid yourself jjss08!! Thanks!!

    Next week is going to be so hard if this momentum doesn’t keep up… sigh…

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