“Song in the Clouds” to Air on June 30th

Angelababy’s smiling at the news just like you are! (Except you probably aren’t Photoshopped.)

Someone must have made a big offering to the cdrama gods, because Song in the Clouds (大汉情缘之云中歌), also known as Yun Zhong Ge, has now announced a broadcast date as well: June 30th.

Starring Angelababy, Du Chun, and Lu Yi, Song in the Clouds is an adaptation of a novel by Tong Hua (of Bu Bu Jing Xin fame). The story takes place after Desert Melody, now titled Legend of the Moon and Stars (星月传奇), which is unfortunately still in that post-production void.

In a nutshell, Song in the Clouds is the story of Huo Yunge (Angelababy), who rescued Liu Fuling (Lu Yi), the Emperor Zhao of Han, when he was eight years old and lost in the desert. Fast forward ten years, and Yunge is off to the emperor’s court looking for the young man she rescued. Unfortunately, she meets and falls in love with Meng Jue (Du Chun), only to discover that she’s being exploited by those hungering for power in the imperial palace.

Song in the Clouds is produced (though not written) by Yu Zheng, and also features everyone’s favorite Chen Xiao. It will air on Zhejiang TV, Jiangsu TV, Shenzhen TV, and Dragon TV.


16 thoughts on ““Song in the Clouds” to Air on June 30th

      • That’s the one that REALLY needs to come out. It has been far too long…. >.<

        I still have my fingers crossed for Virtuous Queen of Han, though… XD

        • My fingers are crossed too. If these two along with that drama Fan Bing Bing is working on airs during 2014-2015 year than this year will be awesome for us. SO MANY THINGS TO WATCH … but not enough time.

          • Oh, the great dilemma of life… If these would all come out and I would have time to watch them all, I would be so happy. ;)

  1. Ugh, should have made that offering more specific- I wanted it to /not/ be released, cdrama gods!
    …and so my bias against this drama continues.

    • History evisceration date set for the end of June… hmm? ;)

      If the offerings are still on the alter, maybe you can take them away and it will reverse… or maybe you didn’t offer enough. Maybe the drama-gods want those Qingming festival paper Gucci purses, cell phones, and I-pads. XD

      I get where you are coming from, though. To me, it it would all be forgivable if there were at least more accurate costumes I mean Zhen Huan Zhuan had a crap-load of history twisting to make everything fit but it made up for that in other ways such as language usage, attention to customs and ancient etiquette, costumes that at least looked the part for the time period, etc. but the ones in here are so blatantly… well… creative…

  2. Oh yay!! It really is our lucky week!

    On the other hand, I’m really hoping that people stayed strictly within the lines of their jobs for this production… I can only take so much Yu Zheng Workshop story-creativity… especially when some of the additions and modifications are so blatantly obvious and out of line with the actual story… especially to somebody who hasn’t even seen an previous version or read the actual novel for State of Divinity… >.<

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