Weibo Wednesday: March 19, 2014

胡歌: 明天阿苏就要被蔺晨收拾了 今天赶紧出来放放风 药可以不吃 雪不可不赏

What better way to start off this week’s Weibo Wednesday round-up than with pretty Hu Ge? An unofficial trailer for his upcoming drama Nirvana in Fire (琅琊榜) was leaked yesterday, and although the video doesn’t really reveal much (people flouncing! people walking! people darting around with swords!), at least it gives us some nice shots of Hu Ge.

Tomorrow Ah Su [Hu Ge’s character] is going to get sorted out by Lin Chen. Today, I hurriedly went out to get some fresh air. Medicine you don’t necessarily have to eat, but snow you cannot not appreciate.

韩寒: 在工地…哦不,在片场再也不怕晒了。

Three guesses who this fellow is. (Looking at the watermark is cheating.) Give up? It’s writer-blogger-racecar-driver Han Han, who’s now directing his first movie Until We Never Meet (后会无期). The film features Feng Shaofeng, Chen Bolin, and Chen Qiao’en, and recently welcomed Wallace Chung to its cast. It’s also been doing a lot of filming outdoors, which means Han Han got really tanned because he doesn’t like putting on sunblock. So this is how he looks on set now. lulz.

At the construction site… ah, no, I won’t be afraid of getting tan on set anymore.

周冬雨: 这个真的是我的脚丫!我以前是艺术体操小能手!

In other really weird photos, have contortionist Zhou Dongyu, who’ll be starring with Lin Gengxin in the movie My Old Classmate (同桌的妳), which opens April 25th.

This really is my foot! I used to be a little expert at rhythmic gymnastics!

林心如: 會很過份嗎?!

Celebrities with food! Here is Ruby Lin with what a feast, which even she considers a little “over.” (The weird thing is, I think I’ve been to the exact same restaurant! At least judging from how those slices of bread are presented…)

Is this very excessive?!

刘诗诗: 心意~~全~~~部~~~都收到~!

Liu Shishi celebrated her 27th birthday on March 10th and received a bunch of gifts from her fans and admirers. (Wow. That is one huge Mashi Maro.) Of course, the only thing Longshi shippers want to know is, “What did Nicky Wu send you???”

Have~~received~~all of your~~regards~!

張鈞甯: 媚娘~我很快就回去找妳溫暖妳雙手了!嘻!

You know how we normal fans take photos with celebrity posters and cut-outs and ads because that’s the closest we’ll get to ever meeting them? We’re not the only ones — here is Janine Chang with a Louis Vuitton advertisement of Fan Bingbing, who is still wowing us with her ridiculously pretty costumes in The Empress of China (武则天).

Meiniang~ I will soon return to search for the warmth of your hands! Hee!

In other news, Fan Bingbing recently shared that when she’s filming abroad (anyone excited for X-Men: Days of Future Past?), she’s often mistaken for a Japanese or a Korean. But she hopes that when people look at her, they will know that she’s a Chinese actress, so she will proudly tell them, “I am from China.”

魏晨: 边找人,边锻炼!脑力,体力同提升!手机果断没电了! //@彭于晏:找人鍛鍊法

Wei Chen and Eddie Peng bond while filming the movie adaptation of That Year, Time Flew (匆匆那年). Apart from those two, the film also stars Ni Ni. Interestingly enough, the production actually put up a survey so netizens could vote for the lead cast, though the voting results don’t seem to have affected reality. (Chen Xiao and Liu Shishi got the most votes for male and female lead, respectively, with Tong Liya and Jing Boran being the favorites for second leads.)

Eddie Peng: A way of looking for people to work out.
Wei Chen: Simultaneously looking for people and working out! Mental strength and physical strength being upgraded at the same time! My phone is decidedly out of batteries!

turbosun: 周末好

And to wrap things up, have Deng Chao flying a kite with his son. This is from wife Sun Li‘s Weibo, which for some reason is not officially verified — but all the entertainment sites accept that this Weibo account is really run by her, so I’m just going to assume it is her real account, and not the account of some crazed stalker.

A good weekend

In happy pregnancy news, Deng Chao shared at a press conference for his directorial debut, The Breakup Guru (分手大师), that Sun Li is expected to give birth to their second child before the movie’s air date, which is June 27th. (He also hilariously dressed up as a pregnant wife for the event, since seven of the people working on that movie are pregnant. See the link for a pic.)

Yang Mi, who stars alongside Deng Chao in The Breakup Guru, will also reportedly give birth at the end of June. (She’s recently been having pizza cravings… first Peking duck and now pizza. I’m jealous.) Her father-in-law, actor Lau Dan, said that they’re having a difficult time picking a suitable name because they need a name that works in both Mandarin and Cantonese, and they’re paying attention to how many strokes are in the characters. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share. :D

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