Zhang Hanyu is decked out gorgeously again for Princess of Orchid Hills

Kuo, I think you mentioned that it seems the stylist liked light colors? They love those of us at Cfensi a lot, and decided to prove us wrong…

Did you think that Zhang Hanyu‘s peacock costume was stunning? There’s more to come. Here’s to a stunning wedding photo shoot from The Princess of Orchid Hills. One wonder who she’s dressed out for: at some point, she marries Yuwen Yong and becomes his empress. There won’t be a shortage of romantic entanglements here; the number one beauty of the Western Qi is Xiao Luoyun (played by Wang Jiexi), the fiancée of the very adorable Prince of Lanling (Andy Yi Chen). Coming on with an unrequited love for Yuwen Yong is Hua Yihan‘s Yan Wan – and on top of that, we’re throwing in the Mongolian Princess Ashina, played by Theresa Fu

Read an introduction here. Look below the cut for more pictures – even if you don’t plan on watching the series, there’s tons of eye candy to be admired… 

You need to see these one in HQ.

I can’t begin to describe how much I love everything about this still.

6 thoughts on “Zhang Hanyu is decked out gorgeously again for Princess of Orchid Hills

  1. At a some point I thought the stills of the mongol princess were a cosplay done by fans of some book…
    Anyway before to get too hyped I want to see a trailer.

  2. Holy, so much pretty. Even the male lead is pretty.
    Feeling like watching it for the sheer amount of eye candy galore XD.

  3. This is a little bit more like it!! Yay!! Costumes that aren’t white!!

    I have to ask if you know where they took the stills for the Mongolian princess. The buildings and everything look awesome!

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