Cindy, Tian Liang extras by QQ

Cindy face shot

“My New Year’s wish is to be more like a girl, but still run as fast.” – Cindy.

Since we didn’t have photos of Cindy in our Dad Photoshoot special last week, here’s one just of her and dad Tian Liang!  Included are random translated quotes I’ve liked from the family.

The QQ extras is much better than the actual shoot itself.  More videos and photos of the extras here.

parent-daughter hats

Daughter came back and showed me a black and sticky hand. I asked her what happened. Grandpa said,” Today the kids in her preschool were sharing snacks. Cindy got a chocolate. She ate half but wanted to same some for her parents, so she put it in her hands. But then it melted because she pressed too hard.”

– Yiqian Weibo story of the first time Cindy has ever had candy (they didn’t buy her candy when she was younger).

Cindy eats

If you don’t want to drink (the milk), don’t throw it away! Someone else might want it. You can’t waste food!

– Cindy upon picking up a milk carton Angela threw away and realizing it still had milk in it.


Shitou-gege, I’ll come and save you!

-Cindy helping Shitou helping Cindy helping Angela to carry her basket.

Cindy crawling
cute jacket
Cindy all grown-up

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