Leading ladies welcome the spring in new photoshoots

Not a Photoshoot Friday, but there was none last week – have this one as a make-up! Zhou Xun looks closer to twenty than forty (but definitely not naively girlish), as she poses with huge flowers; meanwhile, Gao Yuanyuan’s red lipstick is the only spot of color in a photoshoot of austere black and white (like a blossom in winter?) Wang Luodan can’t wait for the real flowers to open, and has opted for a giant collection of colorful paper ones instead. Zhao Wei’s shoot for Elle doesn’t have actual flowers, but the soft appearance of fresher, brighter colors in a scene of whites and grays gives her pictures a semblance of spring.

It’s a high quality round-up this time, enjoy!~

01. Zhou Xun 

02. Gao Yuanyuan

03. Wang Luodan

04. Zhao Wei 

3 thoughts on “Leading ladies welcome the spring in new photoshoots

  1. wow they look so lovely and fresh here! definitely makes me think of spring time. although Gao Yuanyuan’s pictures don’t seem to match with the setting and what not, she’s looking fierce though! thanks for sharing~

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