Ni Ni for Bazaar

Ni Ni gets magazine shoots from these “big” magazines much more often than most other actresses…but really, who can blame them when she’s so beautiful? (My Ni Ni + beautiful campaign continues).

If you’re not convinced that Ni Ni is just as pretty in action as she is in these photoshoots, you could check out her new movie Waiting for the Wind 等风来 with Jing Boran online at Youku here. There, she plays a struggling journalist who is sent to Nepal because her boss changed the offer to send her to Tuscanny at the last minute; rather bitter over the difficulties she’s had fighting for her lot in life, she meets Jing Boran’s second-generation nouveau rich “young master.” (His father has kicked him out because an ex-girlfriend ruined his semi-arranged wedding).

Look for more Ni Ni pictures below the cut!

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7 thoughts on “Ni Ni for Bazaar

  1. She’s gorgeous, and yet some netizens and ‘writers’ on Chinese media make snarky remarks about her ‘small eyes,’ as if saucer-sized eyes are the standard of beauty.

  2. YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! I like the one where she’s holding all the balloons the best! :D This photoshoot is a transition into the spring feeling.

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