Introducing… Never Ever Expected and Yes, Boss!

The answer to fun, joy and laughter. *laughs hysterically*

The answer to fun, joy and laughter. *laughs hysterically*

With over 600 million views, Never Ever Expected (万万没想到) is one of the most successful online shows around.  The mini-comedy drama is a collaboration with Youku and Wan He Tian Yi Company. Generally, each episode lasts for about 6 minutes. It is generally very funny (in a nonsensical way) and I thought it would be nice to introduce and share with you this production. Each episode is different but they have a few episodes dedicated to a special theme such as Chinese New Year. The starting song is very catchy and before you know it, you are actually humming it unconsciously!

One of the main lead that you will keep seeing is Wang Dachui, who portrays many roles in this mini drama such as a worker trying to demand his pay from his boss (and that attempt failed miserably).

Yes, Boss! (报告老板) is the sequel to Never Ever Expected and stars the same cast but the storyline revolves around employees fighting to introduce their ideas to the boss to win his favor. And they will try to “improve” the storyline of existing movies such as Tiny Times or movies with Andy Lau. Not as funny as the Never Ever Expected but there are some rare gems that are really funny.

Tiny Times 4.0?

For those who are interested to watch and bring more joy to your life, here’s the legal playlists for all the episodes of Never Ever Expected( here ) and Yes, Boss! here ).

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