Weibo Wednesday: March 5, 2014

Before we step into this week’s shenanigans, please consider holding a moment of silence for the victims of the March 1st Kunming attack, which left 29 civilians dead and 143 others injured.

I haven’t been able to find much information about providing aid, short of flying to Kunming and volunteering at hospitals there, which are still treating victims. For those of us who can’t do anything tangible for the situation, let’s follow Yuan Hong‘s advice:

Friends in Kunming, how are you doing? Those thugs are still at large, a reminder to everyone to be alert. May the wounded be safe and the decease rest in peace. As for us, try your best to remain rational and calm. Any negative or hostile moods from us are exactly what they, the ones who caused this massacre, wanted to achieve. The scars of hate carved by the devil brandishing a knife — only love can heal.

Fortunately, there is lots of love for this week’s round-up, starting with writer-racecar driver-director Han Han and his daughter.

韩寒: 她说,爸爸你工作辛苦了,我给你烤了一块面包,涂了果酱,还帮你吃掉了,不用谢……

She said, Dad you’ve been working so hard, I’m going to bake a piece of bread for you and spread on jam, and I’ll even help you eat it. No need to thank me……

This Weibo post led to a very odd hashtag: #国民岳父韩寒#, which translates to something like “National Father-in-law Han Han.” Apparently he’s shared so many cute pics of his daughter that netizens are clamoring to get their young sons to marry her. In response, Han Han wrote, “Why is there a topic like this…”, complete with a sweatdrop emoticon, and lamented that his youth had passed so quickly.

Speaking of cute kids, Jimmy Lin posted a photo of Kimi Lin in a skirt in order to celebrate reaching 45 million followers on his Weibo account.

夢想家林志穎: kimi两岁时的穿女装的照片,我问kimi,他说这样一点都不酷,只能怪他有个调皮的老爸

A photo of two-year-old Kimi dressed as a girl. I asked Kimi, and he said this isn’t cool at all. He can only blame his mischievous father.

Jimmy also shared a hilarious conversation with Kimi on the subject of siblings:

I asked Kimi if he wanted a younger brother or a younger sister. He said he wanted an older sister. I asked him why. Kimi said it was because Older Sister Cindy [Tian] takes care of him.
Me: Then what if there’s no way to have an older sister?
Kimi: Then………. I want another Kimi.
Me: ……………
Speechless. How should I answer?

Another Kimi, this time Kimi Qiao, showed off his new musical instrument. I just noticed that Kimi’s description on Weibo is “an actor who is the best singer among racecar drivers.” I guess that’s one way to consolidate your resume. ;)

乔任梁: 新收了把琴、音色还不错

Received a new musical instrument. The timbre is pretty good.

I’m still waiting impatiently for Kimi, Chen Qiao’en, and Huang Xiaoming‘s upcoming drama, Cruel Romance, but I guess I’ll settle for Xiaoming’s relationship news. *sigh* Here he is being a dork in the United States.

黄晓明: 在大洋彼岸遇到几位黄家的远房亲戚

On the other shore of the ocean, I met a few distant relatives of the Huang family

Note that “Huang” (his surname) means “yellow” in Chinese, so it aptly describes SpongeBob and the Minion. The Chinese name for the Despicable Me Minions is actually “little yellow person” (小黄人), though their name has also been translated as “very small soldiers” (小小兵) — not to be confused with child star Xiao Xiao Bin.

韩栋: 坐骑!霸气!

For you Hello Kitty and Barbie fans, Han Dong puts you all to shame on his recent trip to Malaysia, where he rode around in a pink and frilly… contraption. The only thing I don’t get is why there’s a giant spider on the top. Perhaps to offer color contrast?

Mounted! Domineering!

王力宏: 今天是最後一天在非洲的旅行,下海浮潛!看到海底的繽紛世界,實在太美了!可惜相機不防水,不過我會用眼睛把它記在心裡!大家有沒有試過浮潛呢?

And wrapping it up, have Wang Leehom enjoying his last day of vacation in Africa. Amusingly, he previously had to post twice in only pinyin, because he borrowed a local’s computer in order to get online, but of course he couldn’t type in Chinese. Give your Chinese pinyin skills a challenge and see if you can figure out what he’s saying!

Today is the last day of my holiday in Africa, so I went snorkeling! I saw the rich and diverse world under the sea, really too beautiful! It’s a shame that my camera isn’t waterproof, but I will use my eyes to record it in my heart! Have any of you tried snorkeling before?

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  1. It’s amazing that I read the pinyin well. Sigh, if only Chinese was in hypy. And written like hangeul; good spacing is gentle on the eyes.

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