Liu Shishi for Marie Claire

Am I the only one who thinks Liu Shishi looks an awful lot like Yang Mi int his first still? Don’t look under the cut if you don’t like the color blue; there’s tons of it as Liu Shishi poses for Marie Claire in bright lipsticks. Shishi’s fans should be happy: her upcoming dramas include The Legend of the Moon and Stars, Happiness of an Angel, Bu Bu Jing Qing, Sorry But I Love You, and Incisive Great Teacher. Of these, Bu Bu Jing Qing and Incisive Great Teacher play her across her real life boyfriend Nicky Wu.  Happiness of an Angel is a modern day drama piece about a single mother and an ailing daughter (the “angel”), with Ming Dao as her doctor-love-interest. Sorry But I Love You will star Liu Shishi against Wu Xiubo (Tiantian’s fan!), with Le Geng playing her childhood sweetheart and Wu Xiubo the boss at her new company.

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4 thoughts on “Liu Shishi for Marie Claire

  1. She looks really pretty in the first pic but it doesn’t look like her. I wouldn’t have known it was her haha It looks like they Photoshopped these way too much…

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