Musical drama releases character posters

Fu Mengni

A lollipop makes everything better.

If you don’t succeed once, try again. Several years after two non-hit modern musicals, Hunan TV is not ready to give up. Their latest musical series, Song of Battle 唱战记, will be yet another musical. The school-based musical will include over 50 original songs as well as many covers from coproducer ee-Media, the company best known for its music. The series stars Wang Yaoqing as a teacher seeking revenge, Qin Lan as the friendly sidekick, and Huang Yida, Chai Biyun, Fu Mengni, Ou Hao, and Xie Binbin as the students.

The posters are surprisingly bleak, but the leaked stills seem to make this still an energetic musical drama. More posters below the cut.

Qin Lan
Wang YaoqingHuang Yida
Xie Binbin
Chai Biyun

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    • The last season of Ugly Wudi as well as the Super Boys movie were both musicals with original scores. I actually really liked a couple of songs in the Super Boys movie.
      And I guess Like Fog, Like Flowers had random musical bursts.

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