Random news – UFO’s, robots, the Monkey King, and Zheng Kai

Zheng Kai, Rainie Yang for their teacher-student romance.


  • “Baidu will establish a film company – Aquamen Entertainment – in LA.  …The first film will be a 3D animation Kong (Wu Kong) based on Chinese classic novel Journey to the West, combining science fiction, UFOs and robots. Budget is expected to reach US$40 million.”   More here.
  • Director Zhang Yibai begins filming That year 匆匆那年 starring Ni Ni the beautiful, Eddie Peng, Zheng Kai, Zhang Zixuan, Wei Chen. Film is based on the book of the same name.
  • Caught between three big films, Wong Jing’s The Ex-Files 前任攻略 (Han Geng, Zheng Kai, Wang Likun)  magically broke 100 million with only about 10% screen share.  The film won fans over with clever lines and a cute cast, except it’s so misogynistic that even the trailer wants me to rip up the script (trust me, at least the first  20 minutes of the movie that I endured is as bad as the trailer).
  • Black Coal, Thin Ice  白日焰火 wins big at the Berlin Film Festival. More here.


  • Speaking of Zheng Kai. After playing so many boy-next-door supporting actors, he’s finally getting his own lead, this time with actress Rainie Yang. The two  stars in  Love at not first sight 一见不钟情, based on the book of the same name and about contract living that  inevitably leads to love.


  • Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy go official for her birthday when he surprised her with a new racecar with him inside.

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