Photoshoot Friday: Dad, Where Are You?

I’m sad that none of these pictures have Cindy in them, but on the plus side, there are several with her parents, Tian Liang and Ye YiqianAngela Wang makes an appearance though, together with her parents Wang Yuelun and Li Xiang. Everyone’s favorite Shitou shows off how tough he is while he poses with father Guo Tao. Jimmy Lin looks smart in a suit – no Kimi to be seen, though. Zhang Liang‘s photo leaves us no doubt that he’s a model, with those long legs…But where’s Tian Tian? Having tea with Cindy?

Sorry, jjss08 is completely smitten with this series.

Models Zhang Liang, Huang Xiaomeng. More here.

Zhang Liang

Guo Tao and Shitou for Our Street Snap Moments. More here.

Guo Tao Shitou
Guo Tao Shitou

Director Wang Yuelun and Wang Shiling for Our Street Snap Moments. More here.
Wang Yuelun Angela
Wang Yuelun Angela

Tian Liang, Ye Yiqian for Cosmobride: 

And for Vogue:

6 thoughts on “Photoshoot Friday: Dad, Where Are You?

  1. So I really love the Tian family right now xD I was watching these interviews and reading this old article about Tian Liang (back in 2005, and his parents were describing how grueling his training had been), and it seems like both of them liked to cry when they were kids too. Ye Yiqian still cries sometimes when she’s riding airplanes..they’re all just so cute. Cindy looks exactly like Tian Liang, but also so much like her mom.

    And judging by her sometimes resemblance to little Yang Mi…she’ll be so pretty/kind-hearted when she grows up!~

    • I cannot handle all this cuteness. Paraphrasing….
      Apparently, how Tian Liang proposed to Ye Yiqian: They were at the pool, and he was swimming; she said that she’d never seen him dive before, couldn’t he dive for her?
      It was 2007, and he hadn’t practiced for a while, he didn’t think he’d really be able to (do one up to his high standards, anyways). So basically, it was like, “okay, fine, if you’ll get married to me.” (“Okay, sure.”)
      *And then he did a simple dive, so she was like, it doesn’t count! (But it was also significant, because it was the last dive he made – the “cliffside” of his diving career).

      Also, another anecdote:
      They were discussing how cliché proposals were now (examples, wedding cars), and she was like, we should do something more special. He grabbed her hand…and said, “yes! You should propose to me!”

      Sorry, guys >.< Cindy must still be so tiny when this video was filmed…

  2. Adorable photos :D
    That photo of Guo Tao in blue really reminds me of Gru from Despicable me for some reason.

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