For the Holy Guiguzi Releases Trailer

Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Caught in a bad romance!

For the Holy Guiguzi, starring Duan Yihong, Qi Wei, Zu Feng, Xu Qiwen, Ni Dahong, Zhang Zhizhong, Wei Zhen, and Cecilia Yip, has recently dropped its first trailer.  Set in the turbulent Spring and Autumn Period, the story revolves around the states of Wei and Chu, struggles of the ruling families, Wu Qi, vengeance, The Art of War, and a love story caught in between.

More posters below the cut.

At last!! A poster where people aren’t trying to make too much happen!!

Scary-looking woman invites you to tea.

Shots so we can appreciate architectural differences in the eras are so necessary.

The rustic look is inseparable from this era.

O_O …..erm…..

Wait…. O_O

Well hello….

Because the cruel romance isn’t just a modern thing.

12 thoughts on “For the Holy Guiguzi Releases Trailer

  1. Can someone let me know where I can get DVD with english subtitles for ‘For The Holy Guiguzi’ and ‘The Great Strategists GUI Guzi Han’

    I am from Singapore

    Thank you.

  2. Somehow I just knew who wrote this article right from the very first caption. ;)
    On another note, wow. It’s really a trailer that isn’t as long as an episode. I was beginning to lose faith in these existing.
    It looks awesome.

    • The long trailers are usually released for marketing to channels, which is why they usually contain the entire plot. I really wish they would just keep those to themselves, though, because imo they are often not by the director and are often worse cut than the actual show …

      • I’ve actually kinda gotten used to long trailers so not having them is a bit odd… because if the story is already looking too ridiculous and unappealing from the trailer alone then that’s one more drama I can cross off my must-watch list unless I get desperate… that and I’m worrying less about major story developments while waiting on new episodes…

        • Most long trailers are cut by someone who’s not the actual directors. A lot of special effects, sound effects and voiceover, etc. are all temporary for those preview trailers just so they can spit something out to sell the series. I generally find all long trailers to be poorly edited. That’s not to mention that they often come in low quality (cough, Desert Melody, cough)

          • That is true. There is always shoddy work and stuff that changes but the general story line tends to stay the same if you just want to know roughly what happens without getting into all the gritty details.

  3. The design concept above is a refreshing change from the cliche run-of-the-mill posters with a portrait line-up of cast of characters. And hooray….the women in this ancient drama aren’t wearing false eyelashes and contemporary looking makeup! Fan Bingbing’s Wu Zetian stylist should take a cue.

    • Again, like the long trailers, the portrait line-up of cast of characters is often created for the sake of selling the series at TV festivals and such to exhibit everyone who’s in your cast.

      Concept posters such as this one are actually pretty common for films and high-profile dramas, we just don’t usually post them since people tend to continue reading more if they see a face they recognize or find interesting. Most of Tangren and Yu Zheng’s adaptations release concept posters along with or before their character posters prior to filming. Also they tend to come in lower pixels and aren’t as easily found in HD.

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